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CONTENT Means that the equipment is available for testing at PALAMATIC PROCESS Means that the equipment can be installed in ATEX zone AVAILABLE CUSTOM MADE Means that design and options can be customised in the design of the facilities listed in this commercial documentation 04 Technical specifications Layout Ultrasonic system, declogging rings and balls Quick disassembly Online in pneumatic conveying Implementations - Case studies 16 Technical specifications Layout 20 Technical specifications Plans Online in pneumatic conveying 26 Magnetic separator Metal detector

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r. PALAMATIC PROCESS HAS DEVELOPED A VIBRATORY AND CENTRIFUGAL SIEVES RANGE FOR CONTROLLING AND PROTECTING YOUR PRODUCTION LINE O GOALS AND ADVANTAGES OF THE PALAMATIC PROCESS RANGE Machines protection • Removal of foreign bodies Grain size separation of materials received in bulk or in sacks • Clogging elimination • Mild steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel manufacturing • Capacities from 1kg to 70 t./h. O OPERATING MODE VIBRATORY SIEVE The GYRATOR vibratory sieve controls and protects your production line Page 4 Page 20 The sieving operation is performed by one or two vibrating motors set...

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P Range of Vibratory Sieves Ito guarantee hygiene and process security The powder screening provides a high level of protection of your machines by eliminating foreign bodies; it agglomerates and guarantees the quality of your production. The PALA-MATIC PROCESS vibratory sieves eliminate wastes with precision and are perfect for a secu I TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hygienic design Clean In Place (CIP) Robust and high quality manufacturing Economic solution and durability Mild steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel AVAILABLE CUSTOM MADE red screening from the materials reception stage till the...

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Vibratory sieve Vibratory Sieve AVAILABLE CUSTOM MADE Download layouts from Download videos & layouts from our website

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Ultrasonic System Declogging Rings and Balls TO PREVENT CLOGGING AND BLOCKING OF THE MESH The vibratory sieve design does not have any retention areas and improves the efficient treatment of the material with no loss of material. The clamping system allows a simple and quick assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the entire machine. Ultrasonic sieve unclogging system has revolutionized the way difficult powders are screened on sieve meshes by increasing the quality of the material and avoid breaks time. PALAMATIC PROCESS offers unclogging solutions to overcome the problems caused by those...

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|AVAILABLE| CUSTOM MADE TO OPTIMIZE THROUGHPUT WITHOUT ANY PRESSURE LOSS The sieves can be used for direct inline installation in pneumatic conveying pipeline to guarantee a high-quality final product with a flexible and ergonomic feeding. The robust and tight construction of the sieve enables this configuration and prevents the loss of the material. Case Studies With its design totally enclosed and its very low pressure loss (0,213 psi), the PALA-MATIC PROCESS GSC sieve is ideal for being set up in pneumatic conveying lines. The product arrival is performed facing the mesh screen sieve....

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E DISCHARGE OF FEED MIX er: Specialist of aroma for petfood Products: Appetence flour for animals Goals: Design and implement a workshop to improve mixing and increase productivity while insuring an optimal containment. PALAMATIC PROCESS equipment: Big bag discharge stations, pneumatic conveying (10t./hr.), two mixers of 2,000 l„ big bag loading stations with sieving and magnetic control. er: Manufacturer of vanilla extracts, cocoas and coffee designed for a food industry Product: Cocoa Goals: To ensure reactor feeding. PALAMATIC PROCESS equipment: Automatic bag opening station...

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E FLEXIBLE CONNECTION SPOUT For a tight connection to the screener. The flexible BFM fitting tightly connects the sieve, statically and dynamically, tothe upstream piece of equipment. The sleeve can be mounted in-line, on an offset position or on oscillating parts. E SIEVE MESH SCREEN To stop foreign bodies and eliminate cloggings. The mesh screen of the sieve is available in steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel. The size of the meshes are adapted to the product and to the desired grain size. The mounting of the mesh screen is easy due to the double sealed flanges. The rapid fixation is...

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Standard Model SH 800 Possibility of customization Integrated Sieve Sackti p® Hygienic: Manual Bag Dump Station AVAILABLE CUSTOM MADE I Structure and parts in contact with the material: Access door: plexiglass, antistatic lexan, tempered laminated glass ass Sealing: Finishes: customized RAL, peening, electropolishing Rate: Objectives: bodies . Quality of your production Solution for hygienical process F F Customized and interchangeable screen mesh F Gas cylinder to optimize the ergonomics and to support the door F (1) Mirror polish finish (2) Rounded corners F Vibratory motor to improve the...

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Sackti p® Hygienic: Manual Bag Dump Station Integrated Sieve Download layouts from /manual-sack-opening-systems Download videos & layouts from our website

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|AVAILABLE| CUSTOM MADE Centrifugal Sieve Range TO CONTROLAND PROTECTYOUR PRODUCTION LINE PALAMATIC PROCESS centrifugal sieve or rotary sifter enables the separation of foreign objects from powders and granulates. A paddle assembly rotates at high speed inside a stationary cylindrical screen and the material passes through the static screen by centrifugal action. The waste material is ejected toward the outlet located at the end of the screen basket. Our centrifugal sieves guarantee high sanitation standards and the respect of the quality of the handled materials. Completely tight Operates...

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entrifugal Sieve .ayouts £x O GUIDE RAIL FOR THE RS 400 SIEVE The design of the machine has been developped for a quick and assisted disassembling for an easy access to the sieve screen. The integrated guide allows a daily inspection. Download layouts from H Download videos & layouts from our website

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