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ig Bag Discharge Station Multi-products big bag vacuum discharge EasyFlow0Flex. -O TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PARTIAL EMPTYING, MULTI-PRODUCT AND INTEGRATED Capacity: 50 kg to 2 t/h. Main structure manufacturing: mild steel, SS304L, SS316L 1. The big bag is placed on the station with a truck. The operator connects the spout of the big bag 2. The telescopic suction pipe is connected to the vacuum conveyor and dips into the big bag 3. A big bag massaging device, connected to a ventilation system, allows the EasyFlow® Flex WEIGHING The big bag discharge station EasyFlow® Flex was designed by PALAMATIC PROCESS for accurate emptying through a suction system a required amount of product (via a weighing device). The possibility to discharge a semi-started big bag is the main objective of this machine. With the EasyFlow® Flex system, a single station is sufficient to ensure a multi-products discharge. It is a combination of a VFlow® pneumatic vacuum system and a big bag discharge station. This station allows automatic emptying without operator's intervention. Big bags are positioned using a simple pallet truck or forklift. _| Manufacturing of parts in contact with recentering of the material to ensure a complete emptying of the big bag the product: mild steel, SS304L, SS316L 4. The big bag lifting device allows to achieve two objectives: 1) To ensure the Dosing accuracy: 500 grams* weighing without interference ; 2) To optimize the product flow * may vary according to the material trea- 5. Reclosing of the empty or semi-empty big bag ted 2752 mm overall - doors open www.palamaticprocess.com/big-bag-discharging-system/easyflow-flex Download videos & layouts from our website Standard big bag sizes that can be handled with this station :

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!ig Bag Discharge Statio Options E SCREENEDAREA Operator protection zone It does not permit the operator to access to the work area during a big bag emptying phase. The operator can make a request via the control unit and thus allow the opening of the door, preventing any movement of the big bag emptying station. O DOSING MATERIALS FOR EXTRUSION FEEDING Customer: Manufacturing company of electric high-tech batteries Product: Powders and granules (polymers) Installation details: The pneumatic conveying system sucks up the powder from a 200 l. drum or a big bag through an automated suction...

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