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ig Bag Discharge Station EasyFlow0 High flow rate M Dust control model -© TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS O OPERATING SEQUENCE This FIBC discharger enables the automatic unloading of big bags without operator's intervention. The phases of cutting, handling and evacuating of the big bags are autonomous. The only task ensured by the operator is the fixation of big bag on the bag hanger. Rate: 20 to 40 big bags/hr. Manufacturing: mild steel, SS304L, SS316L Finishes: RAL 9006, microblasted, electropolishing Installed power: 5 kW (according to the option) Operation pressure: 6 bars Inlet: 4-20 mA TOR inlet : 6 TOR outlet: 4 Dust collecting flow rate required: 3,000 m3/hr.' *may vary according to the threated material Maximum big bag dimensions Length x Width x Height: 1,200 x 1,200 x 2,400 mm Custom made models are also available 1. Big bag connection and setting up by the operator 2. Big bag shifting inside the discharge station (autopil__ hoist) 3. Automatic cutting and discharging of the big bag (automatic version) 4. FIBC massage (depending on option) and product crushing 5. Automatic big bag release 6. Empty big bag compacting 7. Automatic control of the big bag accumulation that must be emptied and automatic pallet stacker EasyFlow® High flow rate Hoist monorail Enclosure cabinetand hinged doors Massaging cylinders Electric hoist (autopilot) Q Integrated big bag compactor: it permits to collect and compress all types of bags (paper, PE, woven plastic,,,) in an effective way and thus to remove the majority of dust. Q Improvement of bulk material flow: piloted pneumatic cylinders to optimize the bulk material flow. Q Automatic loading: the steering of the hoist is controlled via the button box and weighing hook. Connection to dedusting unit Granulator Big bag compactor Bag hanger with automatic release of the big bag and hoist weighing H Automatic cutting: diamond «U» shaped spike and cutting discs. According to the type of big bag to be unloaded, the cutting system is designed to facilitate the opening and to avoid foreign bodies. Automatic big bag cutting system 18 www.palamaticprocess.com/powder-machine/fibc-solutions/big-bag-discharging-system /confined-system-high-rate a ur website

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l_Big Bag Discharge station Dust control model Rate: 20 to 40 big bags/hr. Weight capacity: 2 tons/big bag Objectives: automatic cutting, containment and safety EasyFlow® High flow rate Pouyes ring: optimizes containment by creating a suction flow at the periphery of the big bag (Pouyes ring). Positioned at the top and in the periphery of the tray, the dedusting ring ensures the capture of dust emitted during the big bag discharging phase. This option is particularly suitable forvery volatile products (low density) or for installations requiring a high level of containment. The two suction...

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