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PACKSYS GLOBAL – PLASTIC CAPS AND CLOSURES PRODUCTION MACHINES MATERIALIZE YOUR VISION Our era is characterized by the rapid advances in technology and the constantly increasing demands made on men and machines. As individual as the requirements of the packaging industry may be, everyone wants to see productivity, quality and environmental friendliness optimized and running costs minimized. These are the demands which require tailor-made, efficient solutions. Solutions which achieve the desired benefits by expending a minimum of investment and energy. This takes experience and knowledge....

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AFTER SALES AND SERVICES We are where our customers are. PackSys Global has a strong network of sales and service centers that can deal with our customers locally, in their own language according to their own customs.This gives us a strong capability across all continents. More than 25 PSG specialists are at your disposal. These highly trained individuals perform a complete range of services for laminate and plastic tube equipment, aluminium cans and tube decoration equipment, metal and plastic closures and can shaping equipment. They carry out repairs with a high degree of professionalism,...

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Plastic cap manufacturing is today one of the most innovative sectors of packaging, constantly improving as beverage companies develop new products in a fast changing market environment. Growing competition faced by cap makers has raised new technical and economical challenges, which PackSys Global helps its customers to face. Production cost reduction, environmental awareness, but also dealing with the technical nature of the closure are today’s priorities which are taken into account when designing any of our machines. Many of the major plastic cap manufacturers around the globe trust...

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KKP MACHINE – CAP MANUFACTURING BY COMPRESSION MOULDING Compression moulding has long been a leading technology for producing caps and closures. Since there is no injection point, risk of micro holes in closures is eliminated. Our range of compression moulding machines, type KKP, are designed and built to further enhance the advantages and characteristics of compression moulding. High throughputs are achieved by using continuous compression know how, delivering economies of scale for high volume production. Our machinery has been specially designed to enable rapid change of the moulds. Snap...

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SLITTING TECHNOLOGY Slitting of the tamper evident bands on closures is a lower cost alternative to forming the bridges in the mould. Besides the advantages of cost, speed and maintenance, it allows the design of more sophisticated tamper evident bands since the material does not need to be pressed through the narrow bridges to form the rest of the band. Slitting of closures results in very accurate and consistent opening torque which, in general, can not be achieved by moulding the bridges. Changing the TE-bridge geometry can be easily achieved within minutes – all closures are slit on one...

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HIGH PERFORMANCE For all slitting machines, high performance is a must. Running at up to 4,400 cpm they match the speed of the most modern cap production lines. All machines can be upgraded from 6 to 8 or 12 spindle version.Whatever production speed is required, with PSG’s MSM you meet your needs. Innovative and well engineered machine design together with quality materials guarantee high product quality and a maximum lifetime. Unique combination of both processes, folding and slitting in one machine, allows operation with minimal required floor space - regardless of succession of the two...

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With its independent control and optional vision system, pinhole detection, degating unit, sampling channel for quality control, a wide range of quality and process features can be easily integrated into any production line and help keeping production costs on low level. As a partner of our customers our goal is to supply equipment that suits their needs. Folding process 1 Before folding 2 Centering 3 Pre-folding 4 Folded

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Option to process output of multiple injection moulds on one folding/slitting machine (same design, different colour) allows higher efficiency on less floor space and lower investment costs. Two bunkers are filled by individual moulds; change over from one line to the other is fully automated and controlled by MSM machine without any human intervention. Packing of processed closures to its individual filling place is guaranteed and controlled also on PSG’s MSM machines. Integration of sophisticated colour control camera system with advanced software avoids cross contamination of various...

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Technical Data Production speed max: 250 caps/min. Cap diameter (mm): 22 – 90 Cap height (mm): 12 – 60 MPM Multi-purpose machine This new multi-purpose machine is one of the most cost effective flexible piece of equipment on the market. The MPM can be used for plastic or metal caps, for glueing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting, roll-forming. With a speed up to 250 pieces a minute, this reliable and modern machine has been designed to lower significantly production costs in multi-operation processes. Integrated electrical cabinet and controls and electronic parts of the latest technology...

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Technical Data Production speed: up to 1800 cpm Cap diameter (mm): 22 – 38 Cap height (mm): 10 – 24 Liner material: PVC-free or other upon request KDP 50 Inshell Liner Moulding Machine Inshell compression moulding is a fast and reliable way of placing liners in closures. Lower costs than loose wads and easier to handle than outshell moulded liners, the technology offers the versatility and acceptance needed in the closures business. Our inshell liner moulding machines, type KDP combine these advantages with Swiss quality and precision known around the world. PACKSYS GLOBAL – PLASTIC CAPS...

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