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A STRONG PARTNER WITH A WORLDWIDE PRESENCE. Rüti (Switzerland) Oberburg (Switzerland) Rayong (Thailand) Bangkok (Thailand) Mumbai (India) Chicago (USA) São Paulo (Brazil) Switzerland PackSys Global (Switzerland) Ltd. Joweid Zentrum 1 CH-8630 Rüti Phone +41 55 250 39 00 Fax +41 55 250 39 62 Thailand PackSys Global (Thailand) Ltd. 119 Moo5, Soi 12, Highway No. 36 Rd., Tumbol Makhamkoo, Amphur Nikompatana, Rayong 21180 Phone +66 38 917164 - 5 Fax +66 38 893139 - 40 USA PackSys Global (North America) Ltd. 1226 Simpson Street Evanston, Illinois 60201 Phone +1 847 425 3601 Fax: +1 847 425 3602...

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PACKSYS GLOBAL – LAMINATE TUBE EQUIPMENT MATERIALIZE YOUR VISION Our era is characterized by the rapid advances in technology and the constantly increasing demands made on men and machines. As individual as the requirements of the packaging industry may be, everyone wants to see productivity, quality and environmental friendliness optimized and running costs minimized. These are the demands which require tailor-made, efficient solutions. Solutions which achieve the desired benefits by expending a minimum of investment and energy. This takes experience and knowledge. PSG’s comprehensive...

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AFTER SALES AND SERVICES We are where our customers are. PackSys Global has a strong network of sales and service centers that can deal with our customers locally, in their own language according to their own customs.This gives us a strong capability across all continents. More than 25 PSG specialists are at your disposal. These highly trained individuals perform a complete range of services for laminate and plastic tube equipment, aluminium cans and tube decoration equipment, metal and plastic closures and can shaping equipment. They carry out repairs with a high degree of professionalism,...

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Laminate tube equipment - 7

Machine Speed (Tubes/Min.) Tube diameters (mm) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 0 180 240 120 HSL (13.5 to 40) LMS / TET (12.7 to 50) LMS / 2x TET (11.7 to 50) MINI 120 (12.7 to 22) LT250 UHSL (19 to 38 ) (13.5 to 32) Over 30 years of experience in laminate tube making have built up PackSys Global’s reputation worldwide, amongst the major players of the packaging industry. Always ahead of trends and technoogy, PackSys Global has set up the state-of-the art of this industry, and contributed to the dynamism of the laminate tube market by offering opportunities for new market applications,...

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Laminate tube equipment - 8

PACKSYS GLOBAL – LAMINATE TUBE EQUIPMENT Technical Data Production speed: 120 tubes/min. Tube dimension: 12.7mm to 22mm Tube length: 40mm to max. 140mm MINI120 The Mini 120 is a complete laminate tube line integrated into one single machine, making tube production simple, compact and very cost effective. No more than 15 sqm are required to produce 120 tubes per minute including top seal and capping application. >> Seaming >> Heading >> Top seal application (optional) >> Capping application >> Tube packing (optional) The extremely compact design does not only save floor space, it enhances...

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Laminate tube equipment - 9

LMS / TET Technical Data LMS Production speed up to: 24 m/min. Tube diameter: 19mm to 50mm Tube length: 60mm to 200mm Technical Data TET Production speed up to: 70 tubes/min. Tube diameter: 12.7mm to 50mm Tube length: 60mm to 200mm PRODUCTION SPEED UP TO 70 TPM

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Laminate tube equipment - 10

PACKSYS GLOBAL – LAMINATE TUBE EQUIPMENT The LMS/TET system uses the continuous process for the production of laminate tube bodies and compression moulding for plastic tube heads. The production of tubes take place in-line: The compression moulding technology forms the head, which is simultaneously fused to the tube body by means of melting energy, ensuring a perfect and reliable shoulder bond. No pre-formed injection moulded heads are necessary. A completely newly designed seaming system eliminates the high frequency generators and guarantees accurate seaming control. This new seamer...

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Laminate tube equipment - 11

The LTR side seamer is the latest innovation for the production of laminate and cosmetic side-seamed tubes. Our patented Inviseam® technology renders the seam almost invisible, allowing the manufacture of high quality laminate tubes for the cosmetic industry, a new market trend enhanced by the LTR. The rotary cutter, as well as the optional Roundness Retaining Unit (RRU) are items which reduce significantly ovality and pinch marks which are usually observed on side-seamers running at high speed. The LTR has been designed to enable side seaming to be undertaken at speeds exceeding 36 meters...

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Laminate tube equipment - 12

PACKSYS GLOBAL – LAMINATE TUBE EQUIPMENT Foil laminate seam EVOH laminate seam Inviseam® Technical Data Output 150 tubes/min. Line speed 36 m/mn. Body dimension 22 to 63.5mm Laminate structure ABL and PBL Remote maintenance system PRODUCTION SPEED UP TO 150 TPM

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Laminate tube equipment - 14

THT: The THT tube header system is a compression moulding autonomous 10 station unit with production line interface. It can be configured to suit various production output targets. Using only resin material in granulate form, the THT moulds the shoulder and seals it simultaneously to the body. No pre-formed injection moulded shoulders are necessary. The THT can handle options such as: >> Plastic liners >> Barrier liners on the inside of the shoulder >> Stripping inserts THT Technical Data Output with 3 Mandrels (HSL): 180 tubes/min. Output with 4 Mandrels (UHSL): 240 tubes/min. AMS AMS:...

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Laminate tube equipment - 15

CCM: The CCM8 tube capping system concept is an autonomous 8 station unit with production line interface. This compact design, easy to operate, ensures modern oriented loading of tubes, thus eliminating accumulators. The CCM8 is equipped with an automated quality control system which ejects substandard tubes. The in-house made top seal module can be added as an option and does not affect the production speed. CCM Technical Data Output with CCM 8-24: 180 tubes/min. Output with CCM 8-32: 240 tubes/min. PACKSYS GLOBAL – LAMINATE TUBE EQUIPMENT

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