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Free machine assessment Overhauls and upgrades – Enhance machine productivity. PackSys Global is offering you a free machine assessment service that could identify you solutions to maximize your tube production output and maintain premium tube quality. Your Benefits Our field engineers will visit your premises and inspect your PackSys Global machine and its performance. We will then recommend our solutions which will be tailored to your needs and expectations as well as take into account the present state of the machine. ◾◾Achieve premium product quality ◾◾Maximize production output ◾◾Maximizing process reliability ◾◾Reduce production costs PackSys Global AG | Joweid Zentrum 1 | 8630 Rueti | Switzerland | 24/7 Hotline +41 55 253 38 38 |

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Customized solutions Machine overhauls and upgrades The use of modular retrofit kits allows PackSys Global to quickly upgrade and customize your machine in order to step up its output and at the same time enables you to take advantage of our state-of-the-art technologies to improve the process stability as well as product quality. Automation and software upgrades Optimized control settings, latest software updates, and new solutions such as “EagleOwlTM” remote access ensure safety and operational reliability, and reduce downtime. Our proven expertise Our trained and qualified field...

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