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Model 3060-MS Solid State Frequency Converter 62.5kVA 50, 60, 400 or 47-500 Hz Direct Coupled Output (3Ø): 0-120L-N / 0-208VL-L Output Transformer options available for higher voltage ranges. System Summary: • Power: 50KW / 62.5VA per Chassis • Output Voltage 0-120VL-N/0-208VL-L 3 Phase Wye or Delta. Optional External Output Transformers Available to meet higher voltage range requirements. • Single or Split Phase Output Configurations Available. • Current: Paralled Systems to 1750A/Phase • Frequency Range: 50, 60 or 400Hz fixed , 47500Hz Variable or 20-1000Hz Variable with SCU/ UPC32 Option. The Model 3060-MS is a high power solid state frequency converter consisting of one to ten 50 kW/62.5 kVA, 3 phase AC Power Sources. The MS Series offers reliable voltage and frequency conversion and power monitoring for facilities power and/or AC power test applications. By adding the external SCU/UPC-32 Universal Programmable Controller, the MS Series can be operated as a fully featured programmable AC Power Source complete with arbitrary waveform generation and AC transient programming. System Features: Maximum System Flexibility and Reliability • Voltage and Frequency Conversion. • Highly Flexible and Expandable Power Capable of operating as either the master or slave in a multi-cabinet parallel system. Easy to reconfigure to meet changing test needs. Architecture with Unique Master/Slave Configuration up to 625 kVA. Control and Monitor Panel • Very High Current Capability. • Low Voltage Distortion. The 3060-MS is equipped with simple to use front panel controls for setting output voltage and frequency. This panel also provides read back on both AC input and AC output Frequency, Voltage, Current and Power as well as diagnostic information on system status and operation. For general frequency conversion facility power applications, the front panel controls provide all necessary setting and monitoring capabilities. For AC power test and development applications, the external SCU/UPC-32 programmable controller may be added as an option. Included with Standard Delivery: • 3060-MS Solid State Frequency Converter. • User Manuals. THE POWER OF EXPERTISE Optional SCU/UPC32 M993235 Remote Controller FREQUENCY CONVERSION AEROSPACE R&D MILITARY MANUFACTURING CUSTOM

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3060-MS True Advantages Solid State Technology Rugged, Powerful Output • • • 350 Amps of Pulse Current per phase is delivered by each 3060-MS for driving non-linear loads. This eliminates the need to oversize facility power as is common for rotary or low quality PWM power systems. Load Power Factor is not an issue. The 3060-MS will drive virtually any load without damage or risk. Excellent Regulation and response time eliminates load “cross talk.” Voltage sags common to other conversion methods are eliminated with 150 microsecond response time to a 50% load step. The output recovers to ± 3%...

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3060-MS AC Output Specifications POWER 62.5kVA/50kW for each 3060-MS VOLTAGE Direct Coupled: 0-120/208 V, 3-phase (Nominal) External Transformer Consult factory for details. Options: CURRENT RMS 175 ARMS/Phase continuous Pf < 0.8=175ARMS/Phase Pf 1.0=140ARMS/Phase OVERLOAD (KW) 110% for 1 hour, 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 10 seconds FREQUENCY 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz Fixed settings 47 - 500 Hz Variable VOLTAGE THD < 1% max. Vthd at 50 or 60Hz < 2% max. Vthd at 400Hz LOAD REGULATION ±1% @ 50/60Hz, ±2% @ 400Hz with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) enabled Input Power Requirements INPUT VOLTAGE LOAD...

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3060-MS UMS Option MS Series Battery Support Systems With the addition of the UMS Battery Backup option, the 3060-MS can be converted to an uninterruptable Power Source (UPS). The UMS battery support system for a single cabinet UMS installation (62.5 kVA, 50 kW) consists of 30 sealed, maintenance free, immobilized electrolyte batteries installed in a Zone 4 cabinet. The UMS system DC voltage regulator provides for automatic charging of the battery system to maintain the proper float voltage. The Leader in AC Power Technology As a privately held, leading manufacturer of high-quality AC Power...

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