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Programmable AC and DC Power Sources 9 kVA to 60 kVA DC, 15-1200 Hz 0-300 VAC L-N / 0-520 VAC L-L 0 - 425 VDC Standard Features: • Three Phase, Split Phase and Single Phase Output Modes • AC, DC and AC+DC Output Capability • Constant Power Voltage Range to 300 Vac L-N / 520Vac L-L or 425 Vdc • DC, 15 to 1200 Hz Frequency Range • Phase Angle Programming • Active Three Phase PFC input with Inrush Current Limiting • Precise Output Voltage and Load Regulation • Metering of Volts, Current, VA and True Power on all Phases • Standard USB, LAN & RS232 Interfaces • Sine, Square, Triangle, Clipped Sine and Arbitrary Waveforms Selections The AFX-Series represents a break-through in solid state power conversion that reduces the size and weight of programmable AC and DC power sources dramatically. Housed in 4U 19" rack mount chassis, the 3150AFX delivers an astounding 15,000 VA of output power. Made possible by extensive use of advanced digital signal processor control of all internal power stages, the AFX delivers the highest density programmable AC and DC power capability on the market today. Convenient to operate from the front panel keypad or remote interface, the AFX Series models are ideal for AC Power simulation, automated testing, frequency conversion, laboratory, and bench-top power applications. Modular Higher Power Systems By paralleling master and auxiliary AFX units, higher power systems can be configured easily to provide more than 15kVA of power. Pre-configured cabinet systems containing multiple AFX Master/Aux units are available as catalog items. • Output Transient Programming • 99 Stored Programs with Associated Transients for Static and Dynamic Test Applications • Large Color LCD and Easy Front Panel Menu Driven Operation • Shuttle Allows Easy Slewing of Output Parameters • Unique Sleep Modes Save Energy, Reduces Needless Heat Generation and Extends the Life of the Power Source The Leader in AC Power Technology An early pioneer in the development of solid-state power conversion equipment, Pacific Power Source continues to develop, manufacture, and market both linear and switched mode AC Power Sources. Pacific's reputation as a market and technology leader is achieved through continuing investment in both research and development and world-wide customer support. With corporate owned offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and China, local personalized support is always nearby. Patents Pending THE POWER OF EXPERTISE FREQUENCY CONVERSION

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AFX Series Programmable AC and DC Power Sources - 2

Total Control, Metering and Analysis of AC or DC Power. Phase A I PhaseB I PhaseC Wave Form Phase A I Phase B I Phase C Real Time -USB Host Ports MenuK j I jUnrA unonvA IPHiW Input Power Automated Test Equipment Power for Defense Applications Growing demand for power to support increasingly complex avionics, radar and weapons systems means more power is needed in less available space. The new AFX Series addresses this need by offering power density three times higher than it's nearest competitor. With extensive control over voltage, current, frequency, phase angles and transients, the AFX...

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AFX Series Programmable AC and DC Power Sources - 3

Simple, Intuitive Operation Soft Keys Numeric Keypad Output On/Off Commercial Avionics Power Test The advanced digital power conversion technology used in the AFX Series Power Source results in higher power density than any other offering. A wide frequency range of 15Hz to 1200Hz supports both 400Hz fixed frequency as well as 360Hz to 800Hz wild frequency development and test. For DC power systems, multiple 270Vdc outputs can be used to simulate at 540Vdc aviation DC power bus. High power, three-phase power configurations are available to match ever increasing power test demands. As needs...

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AFX SERIES Single Voltage Range with Constant Power Profile Traditional AC power sources use two voltage ranges to provide either high voltage or high current. By contrast, the AFX Series uses a unique single voltage range that operates along a constant power curve. This provides more current at low voltages, eliminating the need to switch between voltage ranges and provides a much wider operating range (demonstrated as green in the figure to the right). Switching voltage ranges on other AC sources causes the output to be turned off and the EUT to shut down. This makes it difficult to test...

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AC Power Test Applications Voltage and Frequency output transient sequences are easily created from the front panel using an intuitive spreadsheet style data entry method. Data may be entered for a specific phase or for all three phases at the same time. Transient functions include ramps for slewing and programmable dwell times for each step. Transient sequences can be stored in non-volatile memory and easily edited as needed on screen. If preferred, transient programming and execution can be also be accomplished via the build-in web server using any browser over the USB or optional LAN...

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AFX Series Programmable AC and DC Power Sources - 6

AFX SERIES DC Power Test Applications The AFX Series doubles as a DC power supply with either a single DC output (FORM1) or up to three individual bipolar (2-Quadrant) DC outputs. Available voltage range is 425Vdc and the same constant power range technology is used to provide a wide operating range for diverse DC voltage and current requirements. See Volt/Current Chart on the right. Transient programming covers DC levels and slew rates as is the case for AC applications but there is no frequency to program. Programmable voltage slew rate settings may be used to control the rise and fall...

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AFX Series Programmable AC and DC Power Sources - 7

Unique AFX Features & Benefits The AFX Series is based on a truly revolutionary technology platform that enables functionality not previously found on programmable AC and DC source products from any other manufacturer. These features help address a wide range of applications while at the same time providing a higher level of protection for the unit under test. Compact Size Featuring the highest power density avail- able today, the AFX fits in small spaces al- lowing power upgrades of existing power test stations without the need to deploy more cabinets or floor space. In today's environment...

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