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Single-Phase Basic Function AC Power Sources Standard Features: • Single Phase, Dual Range 150/300 VAC Output • 15 to 600 Hz. Full Power Operation – 5000 Hz small signal bandwidth The ADX Series consists of two compact, single-phase programmable AC power sources offering either 1000VA or 1500VA of output power. Its feature set is targeted at basic AC power testing or frequency conversion requirements where programmability and accuracy are important. • Universal (115-240V, 1Ø, 50/60Hz.) PFC input with inrush current limiting The ADX offers ease of installation and a good range of features for most AC power test applications. Using state-of-the-art, high frequency, pulse-width-modulated (PWM) power conversion technology, the ADX Series represent a terrific value. • 10A Universal Front Panel Output Receptacle and Full Rating Rear Panel Output Terminals Convenient to operate from its front panel keypad or over the included RS232 interface, the ADX models are well suited for automated testing (ATE), frequency conversion, laboratory, and bench-top power applications. • Precision Voltage Programming – 0.05% with Continuous Self-Calibration (CSC) engaged • True-RMS metering of volts, amps, and power • 99 stored programs quick setup recall • RS-232 Interface standard. GPIB option • UPC Studio Software Suite UPC Manager Software Suite Master the Power of the Wave! UPC Manager Software gives you the tools necessary to quickly and easily operate your AC Power Source. With our intuitive graphical interface, control all areas of AC Power Source testing. All ADX models are equipped with a powerful micro-controller and support SCPI remote control command syntax. They can supply a wide range of voltage and frequency output combinations to a device under test while metering all output parameters. FREQUENCY/ VOLTAGE CONVERSION The ADX is an excellent source of stable AC Voltage over a frequency range of 15 to 600 Hz. The output frequency is quartz-crystal stabilized. Output voltages up to 300 Vrms are supported. Worldwide input voltages and power frequencies are accommodated by the wide range, power-factor-corrected (PFC), input power supply. Inrush current limiting permits operation in laboratories with soft or limited input service. Compliance to CE, CSA, and UL test standards adds confidence to the design and allows the product to be shipped anywhere in the world. The ADX provides many of the same features as found in higher power Pacific Power Source models. Providing both manual and programmable control, the ADX is compatible with Pacific's UPC Studio software. The Leader in AC Power Technology An early pioneer in the development of solid-state power conversion equipment, Pacific Power Source continues to develop, manufacture, and market both linear and highperformance PWM AC Power Sources. Pacific's reputation as a market and technology leader is best demonstrated by its continuing investments in both research and development and world-wide customer support. With corporate owned offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and China, local personalized support is always nearby. FREQUENCY CONVERSION

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Output Rating Both ADX units are equipped with a 30A, single phase Input circuit breaker and a 25A electronic input current limit. Input current demand will vary with model, input voltage and load. Care must be taken to ensure that load on the power source does not cause it to demand more input current than that provided by local mains. Output Rating Charts VOLTAGE (Vrms)-»- VOLTAGE (Vrms)- LOWVOLTAGE RANGE HIGH VOLTAGE RANGE NOTE: Rated continuous load current as a function of Power Factor and Output Voltage - Nominal Input Line. Short term overloads to 120% are permitted. Operating time...

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ADX Series Total Control and Metering of AC Power - Simple, Intuitive Operation Output Slew Control Program Enter, Edit and Store Keys Program Execute and Output Enable Keys 4 x 40 Character LCD Display Help, Measurements and Function Key The ADX offers the most commonly used AC power source programming and metering functions without having to navigate through complicated menus or screens. The Universal Programmable Controller (UPC) used on the ADX Series supports frequency, voltage and current limit programming. It also supports a full set of measurements, all standard. This basic set of...

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The ADX is designed for bench top or 19"equipment rack operation. Shown with provided rack mount handles. Mechanical Specifications DIMENSIONS H x W x D Available Options /G GPIB Interface Option. (Replaces RS232) 89 x 426 x 600 mm 3.5" x 16.75" x 23.6" (Excluding rack handles and Safety covers) Rack Slide 790010-003 (requires 2) UPC STUDIO Windows Control Software. (no charge) RACK MOUNT Designed to accept slide rails for mounting in a 19” Instrument Cabinet. Rack slides can be provided as a cost option. WEIGHT Net Shipping CONNECTORS Input Power Rear Panel The ADX Rear Panel provides...

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