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Standard Features: • 1 phase / 3 phase Switch Selectable Output from front panel or bus command • 15 to 1,200 Hz. Operation – 5,000 Hz small signal bandwidth • Precision Voltage Programming – 0.05% with Continuous Self-Calibration (CSC) engaged • True-RMS metering of volts, amps, and power • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) or RS-232 Interface • Waveform Library – Arbitrary Waveform Generator • 99 stored programs with associated transients for static and dynamic test applications Available options: • Rack enclosures with caster base • Programmable Output Impedance • Harmonic Analysis and Waveform Synthesis • Peak Inrush Capture and Waveform Analysis • UPC Manager Software Suite • Wide range of Output Magnetics options for world-wide testing. • LabVIEW for WindowsTM and LabWindowsTM Instrument Drivers UPC Manager Software Suite Master the Power of the Wave! UPC Manager Software gives you the tools necessary to quickly and easily operate your AC Power Source. With our graphical interface control all areas of your AC Power Source testing with simple presets, user prompts, test sequences, test plans and custom reports. Model 390-ASX FREQUENCY CONVERSION AEROSPACE R & D MILITARY MANUFACTURING CUSTOM Model 390-ASX Is Pacifi c’s latest addition to its line of Manual and Programmable AC Power Sources. Power Conversion within the ASX Series is achieved by high frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in cool, quiet, and effi cient operation. The 390-ASX is ideal for AC test, frequency conversion, laboratory and bench-power applications. AC TEST POWER The 390ASX is equipped with a powerful micro-controller to create a fully integrated test system. It supplies a variety of power conditions to the device under test and meters/analyzes all output performance parameters. FREQUENCY/VOLTAGE CONVERSION The 390-ASX is an excellent source of stable AC Voltage over the frequency range of 15 to 1,200 Hz. The output frequency is quartz-crystal stabilized. Output voltages up to 600V are available. PHASE CONVERSION With the ability to provide single and three-phase outputs, the 390ASX is the perfect choice to provide three-phase input to split (two-phase) or single-phase output power conversion. UPC SERIES CONTROLLER All UPC Controllers include precise metering functions with data displayed via a 160-character LCD display. This, along with the 30-key front panel, provides the industry’s most powerful and user-friendly controller. The UPC-3 or UPC-32 are available with either RS-232 or GPIB remote interface. Commands are structured in accordance with SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). The RS-232 serial port operates up to 38.4kBps. The GPIB interface is compatible with the IEEE- 4888.2. 1, 2, or 3Ø – High Performance AC Power Source T H E P O W E R O F E X P E R T I S E 9000 VA 1Ø ƒ¤ 0-135/270 VL-N 3Ø ƒ¤ 0-135/234 VL-L (Optional to 600 VLL)

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390-ASX Model (9000 VA) - High Performance AC Power Source - 2

OUTPUT FREQUENCY 15 TO 1,200Hz. Full Power LOAD REGULATION (Typ. 3Ø Direct Coupled) 0.25% 15 to 400Hz. 0.50% 400 to 1,200 Hz. With external sense enabled. Improves to less than 0.1% with Continuous Self-Calibration enabled. OUTPUT DISTORTION 0.25% THDAVG 15 to 200Hz. 0.50% THDAVG 200 to 1,200Hz. LINE REGULATION 0.1% Max For ±10% line change RIPPLE AND NOISE -66dB RESPONSE TIME 60 microseconds typical, 10-90% load step Power Source Specifi cations (Vout > 25% F.S.) Model 390-ASX PROGRAMMABLE CURRENT LIMIT Programmable Current limit is provided by UPC controllers. Programmable range is from 0...

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