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Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) test methods describe procedures for low temperature operability determinations in diesel fuels and gas oils. They provide an accurate means of judging gas oil behavior at temperatures lower than possible with the cloud point test method. Hezrog by PAC contributed significantly to this test method’s standardization by developing the first automatic CFPP analyzer in 1970, long before any standard test protocolwas established. The Herzog HCP 842 Automated CFPP+ Analyzer representsover three decades of improvements and enhancements to that first device. advantages • utomates cold filter plugging point A analyses with microprocessor precision • llows standardized or customized testing A • perates in stand-alone and multi-analyzer O network configurations • Provides thorough documentation of all test parameters and results • Sends data to any connected serial device, including printers or network In standardized testing”, the sample cooling (as required by EN 116), ultimately cooling to the final user-defined low temperature. As a result, switching speed is completely independent of the user’s external cooling system’s chilling capacity and lowest bath temperature, thus permitting use of a variety of independent cooling systems. Once CFPP temperature is determined, the HCP 842 activates an audible “end of test” signal and resets the bath temperature to the starting value for a new test. For customized performance HCP 842 accommodates up to four userprogrammed test procedures, which can deviate from standard procedures while still maintaining overall test methodology. Vacuum level, suction interval, sieve and pipette size as well as other test parameters are easily modified. APPLICATION RANGE STANDARD METHODS • FAME & Distillate fuels • Diesels & Biodiesel fuels • Domestic heating fuels The specimen is cooled down, thanks to a refrigerant system operating by steps (as defined by EN 116 conditions or by user), at a constant rate (as defined by EN 16329 conditions or by user) or based on differential temperature (sample-bath

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