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Designed to Simplify and Standardize Gas Analysis Easy to Use Software Designed to Simplify and Standardize Gas Analysis • Includes Extensive Range of Report Options and Calculations • Users can add and customize Calculations to their Specific Needs • High Level of Automation contributes to Optimized Analysis Accuracy and Precision • In Compliance with Various Refinery and Natural Gas Standard Test Methods

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GASXLNC™ WORKFLOW Instrument Status and Control • Instrument status, creates sequences, and calculates end time for sequence • Templates for samples/ calibrations, LIMS ID CALIBRATION • Setup multiple calibration sets • Add sample uncertainties, track expiration dates COMPONENTS FLEXIBILITY • Add or edit physical properties for each component needed AdVANCED OPTIONS STANDARD TEST METHOD • alculation for oxygen correction (ISO 6974-3) C • ridge calculation across system channels B • Advanced Peak Identification for ndividual peaks or peak Groups • Unknowns handling • Uncertainty Calculations...

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ANALYSIS Chromatogram View: • Zoom/select • Identify modes allow easy sample evaluation REPORTING • Print flexible reports • Traceable, according to method or customized to need • Export to file, LIMS RELIABLE DATAMANAGEMENT GASXLNC™ keeps track of all calibrations performed. This traceability allows for any result to be reproduced or recalculated with revised calibration data. Sample analysis results are maintained similarly. Calibration can be performed in Single point, multilevel and bracketing mode, such as required in ISO6974-2. The calibration browser validates the calibration...

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solidpartners provensolutions Molar Mass Inferior/Superior Cal Value Mass Inferior/Superior Cal Value Vol (Ideal/Real) Relative Density dry (Ideal/Real) Density (Ideal/Real) Wobbe Index (Ideal/Real) EN 15984 / DIN 5166 Heating value Mass Compressibility (dry/sat) Gross Heating Value (dry/sat gas, dry air) Real Gross Heating Value (dry/sat gas, dry air) Standard Method and Properties FRANCE BP 70285 | Verson | 14653 CARPIQUET Cedex T: +33 231 264 300 | F: +33 321 266 293| U.S.A. PAC, LP | 8824 Fallbrook Drive | Houston, Texas 77064 T: +1...

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