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Verify testing Equipment Accuracy and Precision Certified Reference Materials CRM Why use reference materials? Though automated testing equipment greatly improves testing efficiency and flexibility, it also presents a risk: overlooked testing bias. With instrument performance left unchecked, measurement bias can gradually eat away at your profitability. Or worse, it can falsely present product as meeting specification when, in truth, it fails established quality standards. Such a situation not only places customer safety at risk, but also jeopardizes Depending upon your weekly sample load your own company’s reputation. and your instrument’s test characteristics By routinely verifying your (i.e. test duration, sample volume, instrument’s performance, you’ll ensure system stability, etc.), some tests may consistent quality that meets expected easily and cost-effectively benefit from performance demands. higher frequency verification while PAC CRM Know that requirements of all quality systems are met HOw OFtEN SHOuLd yOu vERIFy tEStINg others require checking less often. Your Establish good inter-laboratory correlation Generate reliable test data from automatic, semi-automatic, and manual equipment best line of defense against test bias is a consistent verification program. We suggest 1. What test method are implementing this step within astandard quality control procedure. Exporting reference data to a LIMS will further enable instrument used? statistical process control (SPC) — a powerful tool for measuring laboratory verification protocol? APPLICATION RANGE & METHoDS • Ensures dependable performance • Flash Point from your physical testing equipment • Isolates testing bias before it impacts product quality • Carefully blended materials satisfy - Abel EN ISO 13736 - Cleveland Open Cup ASTM D92, ISO 2592 rigorous ISO Guides 31, 34 & 35 • Certified values determined through international round robin - Pour Point ASTM D97, ISO 3016 testing by a minimum of 16 labs - Cloud Point ASTM D2500, ISO 3015 • Meets traceability requirements for ISO/ NAMAS accreditation • Cetane Number ASTM D7668 - Freezing Point ASTM D2386, ISO 3013 - Cold Filter Plugging Point ASTM D6371, EN 116 • NOACK Evaporation Loss ASTM D5800, CEC L-40

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solidpartners provensolutions Application Appr. Certified Value Test Method Part Number Flash Point Five components yield 5 point calibration curve PM - ASTM D93 B, ISO 2719 B 255ml using a single chromatographic analysis. Cloud Point Pour Point Freezing Point Viscosity Calibration Material Heptamethylnonane, 300 mL Verification Material Noack Evaporation Loss HEADQUARTERS: U.S.A. PAC, LP | 8824 Fallbrook Drive | Houston, Texas 77064 T: +1 800 444 TEST | O: +1 281 940 1803 | F: +1 281 580 0719 | Validity: one year from shipping date if stored...

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