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CID 510

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Highest Precision in Determining Derived Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oils World-class Analysis of Derived Cetane Number for Diesel Fuels • Increases refinery profits with best precision and perfect correlation to ASTM D613 • Significant savings on investment and maintenance • Robust and fully automated technology for high ease of use • High standards for safe operation

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World-class Analysis of Derived Cetane Number for Diesel Fuels Accurate analysis of Derived Cetane Number (DCN) is an important tool for diesel and biodiesel fuel blenders and refineries to maintain fuel consistency and quality. Existing technologies such as CFR Engine and CVCC methods do not meet present market requirements with their high investment and operational cost, difficult operation and poor system performance. Herzog by PAC pioneered the Cetane ID 510 instrument: a unique technology that is proven to provide the best precision in the market for determining DCN of all types of...

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BEST PRECISION AND IN PERFECT CORRELATION TO ASTM D613 Proven performance from joint ASTM /EI Inter Laboratory Study March’13 that included a set of 20 samples*: • Precision (r & R) exceeds CFR Engine and other CVCC instruments • Cross Method Reproducibility (Rxy) is much better than other CVCC alternatives • Excellent correlation of the Cetane ID 510 to the mean value of the CFR Engine • Calibration is based on the same Primary Reference Fuels (PRF) than the CFR Engine ASTM D613 • Long term calibration stability, no frequent calibration is required like CVCC alternatives • No Carry-Over...

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solidpartners provensolutions U.S.A. PAC, LP | 8824 Fallbrook Drive | Houston, Texas 77064 T: +1 800.444.TEST | O: +1 281.940.1803 | F: +1 281.580.0719 | FRANCE BP 70285 | Verson | 14653 CARPIQUET Cedex T: +33 231 264 300 | F: +33 321 266 293 | GERMANY Badstrasse 3-5 | P.O.Box 1241 | D-97912 Lauda-Königshofen, T: +49 9343 6400 | F: +49 9343 640 101| SINGAPORE 61 Science Park Road | #03-09/10 The Galen Singapore Science Park III | Singapore 117525 T: +65...

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