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PROFILES, GRATINGS, STRUCTURES AND FENCING The P-TREX product range is the result of Fibre Net’s two decades of experience in composite fibre-reinforced materials, ensuring customers the development and production of certified, innovative, bespoke solutions. Made of glass fibers and thermosetting resins, P-TREX FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) products are safe and reliable, corrosion-free, non-conductive, they are very strong, resistant to chemicals and also lightweight, making them an excellent alternative to traditional materials like steel, aluminium, wood or concrete. Unidirectional...

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WHY CHOOSE P-TREX? WE GIVE A SHAPE TO YOUR IDEAS WE DESIGN EVERY DETAIL With a strong heritage of engineering expertise, the P-TREX line combines know-how with a large production capacity. - Over 200 different profile sections available - Wide range of products ready for delivery - Variety of raw materials, finishes and colours - Bespoke design and production LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS GALV. STEEL P-TREX reduces maintenance costs to zero throughout whole product lifespan. ■ maintenance ■ installation ■ production ■ design ■ raw materials GALV. STEEL Service life of the product in highly...

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FRP PROFILES Over 200 sections made in different raw materials and colors High mechanical strength in relation to weight Lightweight, easy to install, can be assembled according to the designer’s specifications and do not require maintenance Wide stock availability Design & creation of customized sections FRP GRATINGS Molded monolithic panels with open or closed mesh Available in different dimensions, thicknesses and mesh sizes Available in different non-slip finishes and classes Quick and easy installation High dielectric and good mechanical properties

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FRP STRUCTURES High chemicals and corrosion resistance Maintenance costs reduced to zero Lightweight and easy to install, they offer excellent mechanical performance Electrical insulation, non-magnetic, no grounding require Easy to handle, can be delivered in pre-assembled sections FRP FENCING Inherently dielectric, no grounding required Maintenance or repainting not required, running costs likely zero. Non-magnetic and radio transparent Quick and easy installation, no lifting devices required

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PHYSICAL - CHEMICAL Chemical corrosion Freeze / thaw cycles Brackish environment Electrical risks High weights Radio interferences LOGISTIC - ECONOMICAL Handling and access on site Maintenance costs Assembly times Structural and non-structural profiles Frames and substructures Handrails Walkways Floating floors Insulating covers Separation panels Inclined stairs Vertical stairs Catwalks Parapets Pedestrian and cycle bridges Different kind of fences Gates Radio transparent barriers Access control barriers Corrosion free High mechanical strength Lightweight UV resistant Easy to install...

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SECTORS OF USE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY P-TREX structures are extremely performing in aggressive environments, even when in contact with sea or brackish water, corrosive liquids or vapours, they remain unaltered, resulting in significant savings in terms of maintenance. Reinforced fibreglass is the most widely used material for access structures subject to corrision typical of the chemical industry, as an alternative to galvanised or stainless steel. WASTE/WATER TREATMENT PLANTS Resistant to corrosion and a wide range of chemical substances, P-TREX structures are the ideal solution to the problems...

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Certified company by SGS pursuant to ISO 9001: 2015 standard FIBRE NET SPA Via Jacopo Stellini 3 - Z.I.U. Pavia di Udine (Ud)-ITALY Tel. +39 0432 600918 Fax. +39 0432 526199 For more information contact your area Fibre Net SpA engineer. Any technical advice provided, verbally or in writing, concerning the application method or use of our products, based on our know-how at the time, does not make us in any way responsible for the final result of the work. The instructions, data and illustrations in this folder are provided by way of example and are not binding;...

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