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Oriented Wires in Silicone

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Our range of oriented wire in silicone rubbers combines excellent environmental protection with a high level of shielding effectiveness. These products incorporate a matrix of vertically oriented wires which pierce both flat faces of the elastomer and provide around 100 contact points per square centimetre. The materials, which include solid silicone (SP Shielding) and sponge silicone (SS Shielding) variants as well as fluorosilicone (SF Shielding), sponge silicone flame retardant (SG Shielding) and solid silicone flame retardant (SR Shielding) options, are produced in sheet or strip form and are usually factory fabricated and die-cut into gasket profiles SILS HIE LD Oriented Wires in Silicone Oriented wires in silicone is probably the most versatile of gasket materials. All variants provide good environmental protection and are regularly used where long service life, high performance fixed gaskets are needed. Because of the harder nature of the material, and because it needs a strong closing force through a relatively rigid cover which is screw fixed at regular intervals, they are not generally suitable for door seals or other applications where a regular opening and closing applica- tion applies. The possible exception to this is the sponge silicone variant. They are usually supplied in gasket, strip or sheet form with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing which holds the gasket in the absence of a groove or channel. If a groove is available the gasket form is often a jointed 'o' ring without the adhesive backing. Because oriented wire elastomers are wider than they are high, when specifying the thickness should be stated first as this will be the length of the embedded wires. Then, if the height needs to be greater than the width (i.e. to fit into a groove), there will be no doubt about your actual Particular care needs to be taken over the design of gaskets to ensure that fixing covers or doors do not distort during compression. It is often necessary to incorporate'limit stops' into the gaskets to prevent over-compression. The material should be compressed by approximately 15% of its relaxed height. Please contact us for technical advice. Solid Silicone rubber Sponge Silicone rubber Fluorosilicone rubber Monel wire Springwood Industrial Estate Width tolerance on sheet material ±1.0mm SP=Solid Silicone SS=Sponge Silicone SR=Flame Retardant Solid Silicone SG=Flame Retardant Sponge Silicone SE=Wire Free Edge / Duo

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Please note: PART NUMBER SUFFIX PART NUMBER SUFFIX Other sizes can be supplied, please contact us for further information • Strip material is available 900mm nominal lengths and can be factory bonded into longer sections. • Sheet material is generally 152mm or 228mm nominal widths and can be edge bonded to greater widths. WIRE TYPE P=Phosphor Bronze N/A=No adhesive Note: Standard material length is 900mm Standard sizes can be specified from the table above. Alternatively, specify: Series - Wire Type - Thickness - Width - Finish. SP-M-0016-0127-S/A is Solid Silicone with Monel wire 1.6 mm...

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SILS HIE LD Oriented Wires in Silicone Wire-free widths can be ordered where the material cross-section has wires along just one edge or along both edges with no wires in the centre. This provides a pressure seal and EMI shield in one component but reduces the compressive force needed to fit the gasket. NORMAL SOLID WIRE Dual material variants can also provide the advantages of a fluorosilicone gasket with the cost-effectiveness of plain silicone by bonding a wire-free fluoro-edge to a standard sheet or strip during the moulding process. Fabricated gaskets have a wire-free, contaminant...

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