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The L6Cc and L4Cc are the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser sources, with up to 7 laser lines and delivery up to 4 optical fiber outputs. The modular design allows for a large choice of lasers from 375 up to 1064 nm and with output power up to 500 mW. The sources are Oxxius LaserBoxx or from other manufacturers. The extension modules provide the ultimate level of flexibility by integrating fast switching output ports for FRAP, adjustable split power for light sheet microscopy among other advanced functionalities. The L6Cc and L4Cc are field upgradeable to evolve as per your needs and to preserve your investment. They are microprocessor controlled to provide unique features for demanding applications. Super Resolution Imaging Single Molecule Localization Light Sheet STORM FRAP Confocal Microscopy The L6Cc and L4Cc are available in turnkey or OEM versions. The L6Cc is also available in high power version, integrating LBX-HPE sources with up to 1.2 W output power per line. It is coupled into a speckle-free multimode fiber. Flow Cytometry Up to 500 mW per wavelength Up to 4 output ports Direct modulation: analog, digital or both combined Linearized output power on Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM) High efficiency Polarization Maintaining fiber coupling Mutimode fiber coupling option Electro-mechanical shutter on each output and on each DPSS laser. USB computer interface compatible with µ-Manager environment - Proven long-term stability - Flexible configuration with extension Modules - unique for Oxxius - Field upgradeable - Comprehensive optical design for easy maintenance - Extension modules with advanced features : dual output, fast switch mirror, AOTF, “+1 laser” - Graphic User Interface software

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When flexibility matters L6Cc and L4Cc integrate the largest panel of wavelengths from 375 up to 1064 nm combined in one channel or two independent channels. The L4Cc and L6Cc can operate up to 4 or 6 lasers and up to 2 AOMs. The output power per laser line is as high as 220 mW at the end of single PM fiber. Shutter Shutter Each DPSS and each output port come with an electro-mechanical shutter in standard. It is thus possible to block the beam without switching off the lasers. Clean-up filters are provided in standard at 488 nm and 514 nm. Multiple ports and “+1 laser” with advanced...

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Mechanical Drawings Packing list Free space - L4cc/L6cc bench including aligned laser sources and optical elements - RemoteBoxx— remote control Communication interfaces Contact us: Oxxius S.A. 4 rue Louis de Broglie F-22300 Lannion, France - Printed user manual in PDFformat Warm-up time 10 minutes Software - ACX-FCPM, SM or MM fiber coupling if ordered - USB flashdrive with Oxxius softwares and manuals Supply voltage - MDL-XXX-LnCc extension modules if ordered - Test reports and initial setup configuration - Clean up filter if ordered - Tools - Power supply and country selected power cord...

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