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The LBX-4C is a compact laser system which combines the signals of DPSS lasers and diode modules. Its modular design authorizes a large choice of laser lines with free-space beam output or delivery through SM or PM bers. It is eld-upgradable for cost-effective future extensions. Available in either plug-and-play or OEM version, the LBX-4C comes with a graphic user interface and is supported by the μManager software suite. A large choice of wavelengths Modular optical design Easy maintenance Supported by µManager Ultra low noise Direct modulation over each laser for independent control SM / PM / MM ber coupling option Fast AOM modulation Super Resolution Imaging Flow Cytometry Confocal Microscopy SPIM, FRAP, TIRF

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Specications LBX-405 Laser diode Optical characteristics Emission wavelength (typ.) Wavelength range Linewidth Optical noise Modulation functions Analog modulation Bandwidth 3dB cut-off frequency, ACC mode Accessible power range Digital modulation Rise/fall time Accessible power range Free-space beam output (*) Nominal output power Power stability over 8 hours and within ±3°K Beam waist diameter (typ.) at 1/e², 50mm from output aperture SM or PM ber coupling option (*) Nominal output power Power stability over 8 hours and within ±3°K (*) Specications at nominal power Other wavelengths...

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