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Measurement & Spectroscopy - 1

Same package for all colors SLM CW Monolithic DPSS benets - Interchangeable controller Low prole laser head (32mm) Tailored beam diameter capability (0.6 up to 1.4mm) Graphic User Interface with remote diagnostics VBG stabilized Laser Diode modules benets Raman Spectroscopy Brillouin Scattering Interferometry Photoluminescence Holography Laser Doppler Velocimetry Laser Ultrasonic Dynamic Light Scattering Controllers integrated into laser head Proprietary SLM locking routine Enhanced beam quality versions Remote ControlBoxx with power display (CDRH) Single Longitudinal mode TEM00 beam Beam pointing < 5 µm/°C USB and RS232 computer interface SM/PM/MM ber coupling options Industry standard footprint (100x40 mm)

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Measurement & Spectroscopy - 2

Optical specications Package Wavelengths Wavelength range Linewidth (SLM) Coherence Length Wavelength Stability Laser type Single Mode (TEM00) Output Power Power Stability Polarization Ratio Vertical Beam Pointing stability Beam characteristics Beam Diameter (typ.) Beam Circularity FC/APC connectors, 1.5m ber length Beam Quality (typ.) PM Fiber Coupling option Output Power * for preliminary specications - contact Oxxius representative LBX-785S - integrated laserline lter (Semrock LL01-785) A highly transparent compound, deposited on chemically activated endfaces of two crystals, creates a...

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Measurement & Spectroscopy - 3

Single Frequency Lasers System Specications Package Laser Head Operating temperature measured at base, non condensing Start up time Heat dissipation 1 Heatsink provided Dimensions (LxWxH) Input Voltage Input Current Power Consumption Integrated in laser head Without heatsink P&P versions are CDRH compliant Isolator Output option The Isolator Output option offers an efcient, compact and cost effective optical feedback protection to LMX or LBX-S lasers at 532, 553, 561 nm. The isolation is > 25dB and the transmission is > 85%. The output polarization is vertical. The isolator is shipped...

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Measurement & Spectroscopy - 4

Mechanical Drawings LMX series, OEM DPSS Laser DPSS Laser CDRH compliant VBG stabilized laser diode VBG stabilized laser diode Optional heatsink LaserBoxx optional heatsink Rear view Optional air-forced heat sink for maximum ambient temperature of 35°C. Including power supply. CDRH compliant Oxxius has a policy of continuous product improvement. Specications may change without notice. VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM CLASS 3B LASER PRODUCT Power up to 500 mW Oxxius S.A. 4 rue Louis de Broglie F-22300 Lannion, France Phone: +33 296 48 70 28 Fax: +33 296 48 21 90...

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