Advanced Features for LBX, LCX, LSX, LPX


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Advanced Features for LBX, LCX, LSX, LPX - 1

Motorized Power Attenuator - Maintains beam quality - Spectral properties keeps - Analog input control - USB and RS232 interfaces The L1C and the longer L1C+ platforms offer efficient, compact and cost effective solutions to add advanced features to the LCX, LPX, LSX or LBX-S lasers. Accousto-Optic Modulator - > 85% power transmission - USB interface - Analog digital inputs - High power versions Raman Spectroscopy Interferometry Microscopy Seeder

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Advanced Features for LBX, LCX, LSX, LPX - 2

Description L1C+ & L1C-MPA provides from 0% up to 100% power adjustment without affecting the spectral properties or the beam divergence of Single Frequency lasers. The resolution is better than 0.1% It comes in standard with electromechanical shutter, and is available in OEM or Plug&Play versions with the ControlBoxx. L1C+ & L1C-AOM offer high speed modulation for LCX- DPSS lasers and for LBX-S stabilized laser diode modules. The bandwidth is DC - 3 MHz in analog and digital modulation. The transmission is higher than 85%. The external controller could integrate up to two AOM drivers and...

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