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Motorized Cylinders - EZC Series - 39 Pages

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Motorized Cylinders - EZC Series

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Oriental motor Motorized Cylinders EZCII Series

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Advancing Positioning Applications Oriental Motor's Motorized Cylinders The EZC Series motorized cylinder is designed to achieve greater convenience and performance in positioning applications. The drive motor adopts a closed-loop stepping motor that eliminates misstep and hunting. EZC Series is combined with a user-friendly controller. The teaching pendant, editing software, cables and other optional parts can be available. INDEX Introduction Selection EZC Controller Accessories Selection Calculations

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The ball screw is rotated by a closed loop even heavy works with high accuracy. Integrating a motor with a linear motion mechanism, this type of actuator is ideal for applications where the work is pushed or pulled. Ball Screw Nut Ball Screw Metal Bush Drive Method: Ball screw Case Maximum Stroke Maximum Speed Maximum Transportable Mass✽ Horizontal Repetitive Positioning Accuracy Power Supply Voltage 24 VDC, Single-Phase 200-230 VAC ✽ The value when an external guide is used. b The above figures are representative values. For details, refer to the product information page. A teaching...

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Combining All Functions Needed to Operate a Motorized Cylinder in Positioning Operations This controller lets you operate all the functions required of a motorized cylinder, in easy steps. Teaching Function Positioning data can be set in one of three methods, as specified below. ቢEnter the desired travel amount (mm) directly. ባDirect teaching Move the table to the target position manually, and store the achieved position as positioning data. Positioning Data of up to 63 Points Up to 63 points of positioning data can be set in simple steps. The positioning operation can be performed in one...

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Linked Operation A signal is output when the rod enters a set area arbitrarily set along the stroke. One set area can be set. Up to four operation data can be linked, thereby allowing the cylinder to change speeds without stopping. Area Output Signal Speed Exiting the Area Operating Speed 2 Operating Speed 1 Operating Speed 3 bAcceleration/Deceleration Four patterns of acceleration/ deceleration setting are possible according to your operating conditions. Acceleration and deceleration can be set separately. Speed Quick Acceleration bData with the same operation direction can be linked. Slow...

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Easy Editing of Positioning Data The teaching pendant and data editing software are available. Choose an appropriate accessory based on the required functions. Functions of Teaching Pendant (EZT1) and Data Editing Software (EZED2) The table below summarizes the functions available with the teaching pendant (EZT1) and data editing software (EZED2). Choose an appropriate tool based on the required functions. Item Function Cable Length Teaching Pendant (Model: EZT1) Data Editing Software (Model: EZED2) Emergency Stop Button Operation Data Setting I/O & Alarm History Monitoring Waveform...

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Power Supply Voltage Lead Thrust Force Push Force✽1 Cylinder Size Cylinder Width ϫ Hight Screw Type Selection of Motorized Cylinders EZC Series Maximum Transportable Mass in Horizontal Direction✽2 [kg] Maximum 20 Transportable Mass ✽2 in Vertical Direction 15 [kg] 10 5 Repetitive Positioning Accuracy [mm] Stroke [mm] Electromagnetic Brake With electromagnetic brake and without electromagnetic brake are available ✽ 1 Maximum speed of push-motion operation is 25 mm/s. ✽ 2 The value when an

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RoHS-Compliant Motorized Cylinders The structure of this motorized cylinder has been optimized to achieve greater convenience and performance in positioning applications. The compact design facilitates installation and wiring to your system. Series Controller Large Transportable Mass The EZC Series can perform positioning with large transportable mass. EZC6 (Lead 6 mm) 60 kg Vertical 30 kg bMaximum Thrust Force: 400 N bMaximum Push Force: 500 N bMaximum Transportable Mass : Horizontal ✽ ✽ The value when an external guide is used. High Speed The EZC Series can perform positioning at high...

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Vibration Suppression Function Lightweight Rod Use of an aluminum rod reduced the weight by 25%✽ compared to a conventional model. Vibration Component The newly developed control method achieves low vibration even at the speed range where large vibration occurs normally. Without Vibration Suppression Function With Vibration Suppression Function The EZC Series conforms to the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of six chemical substances including lead and cadmium. Maintenance-Free for Long-Term Performance The ball screw employs the QZ™ lubrication system ✽ QZ™ lubrication system:...

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˾System Configuration Overview b Controller Mode Required Products (Sold separately) ባTeaching Pendant ቢMotor Cables ቤData Editing Software Choose the teaching pendant or data editing software. Series Linear Motion Controller Computer (Not supplied) Cylinder Controller Programmable Controller (Not supplied) AC or DC Power Supply (Main power supply) Selectable Accessories and Peripheral Equipment (Sold separately) ብConnector – Terminal Block Conversion Unit Product Name Motor Cables Teaching Pendant Data Editing Software Connector – Terminal Block Conversion Unit I/O Cables Overview...

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When performing return to home operation using the linear motion controller, refer to system configuration on page 10. Teaching pendant or data editing software is required to change parameters (I/O logic, speed filter, etc.) of the linear motion controller. Required Products (Sold separately) Selection ቢMotor Cables (➜ Page 32) Series Linear Motion Controller Programmable Controller (Not supplied) Limit Sensor Accessories AC or DC Power Supply (Main power supply) Selectable Accessories and Peripheral Equipment (Sold separately) Calculations ቤConnector – Terminal Block Conversion Unit...

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˾Product Number Code Overview ቢ Series EZC: EZC Series Cylinder Size 4: Frame Size 42 mm ҂ 42 mm ባ 6: Frame Size 60 mm ҂ 60 mm ቤ Lead D: 12 mm E: 6 mm Stroke 005: 50 mm 010: 100 mm 015: 150 mm 020: 200 mm 025: 250 mm 030: 300 mm Electromagnetic Brake Blank: Without Electromagnetic Brake M: With Electromagnetic Brake ቧ Power Supply Voltage K: 24 VDC C: Single-Phase 200-230 VAC ˾Product Line b EZC4 ȣ Without Electromagnetic Brake Series b Enter the lead length D (12 mm) or E (6 mm) in the box (Ⅺ) within the model name. ȣ With Electromagnetic Brake Stroke b Enter the lead length D (12 mm) or E...

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