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KII/KIIS - 60 Pages

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Single-Phase Induction Motors Three-Phase High-Efficiency Induction Motors

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1885 Founded In 1885. Legendary Craftsmanship. Oriental Motor was founded in 1885. We were successful in making the prototype of an electric motor in 1909, when we started our business as a manufacturer of small motors. Since then, in our century-long history of continuing to evolve with the changing of the times, our basic concept of "having the heart to love things and people" has been passed down from generation to generation. Pioneer In Standardization Of Motors As a pioneer, Oriental Motor started the standardization of motors in the 1950s. For over 60 years, we have maintained the...

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Challenge for Standardization of Next-Generation Motors Oriental Motor has been positioned as the global benchmark of the Standard AC Motors for half a century. New products are now available with the performance and usability required for compact standard AC motors of the new generation. These products reflect our legendary advanced technology and the voices of countless customers. High-Strength gears stretch the limits of the motor, while highly efficient motors are designed specially for the new generation. In addition, prices are kept affordable with great usability for our customers. The...

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High-Intensity Gear Head, High Reliability. Gear Head High Permissible Torque K Series Twice the permissible torque 12 8 Conventional model 4 ● Gearhead output (permissible) torque for 100 W Permissible Torque [N·m] Increase in the strength of the gear raises the maximum permissible torque to twice the torque when compared with conventional models. A torque range that was unavailable can now be used. ● Gearhead output (permissible) torque for 25 W Permissible Torque [N·m] The permissible torque is twice that of conventional models Expanded variation of high gear ratio lineup Twice the...

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The Highest Level of Highly Efficient Motor.High Performance Motor Installed High efficiency Low heat generation and low vibration The optimal magnetic design and dedicated parts have dramatically reduced losses, achieving high efficiency. Compared with the conventional model under the same conditions, this model needs less power, contributing to a labor-saving device. With less heat generation and vibration of the motor, achieved by reduced losses, the reliability of the device has increased.

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User-Friendly Design of The Gears and Motors. High Gear Ratio The overall length is reduced by the removal of the decimal gearhead The gearhead lineup offers a wide range of gear ratios from low gear ratios up to a maximum of 1:360. For the high gear ratio at 1:180, the decimal gearhead was previously required. Now, only one ge ar he ad is required, achieving a saving of space. *K K Series Series ● For a gear ratio of 1:360 (25 W) Decimal gear speed ratio at 1:10 Conventional model Output Axis Tapping For motors with 25 W output power or higher, tapping has been applied to the output shaft...

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Slim Terminal Box Improvement in workability A slim terminal box is used to make wiring work easier. The box is slimmer than conventional products. The cable outlet can be changed by 90 degrees to four different directions. The slim terminal box type conforms to the IP66 rating degree * For some round shaft types, the length is 46 mm. of protection. (Except the installation surface of the round shaft type) Cost Performance High performance at an affordable price This model is affordably priced, equiva l e n t to o r l e s s t h a n c o nve n ti o n a l models, while increasing in strength...

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Kn/Kns Series Service Services Before Purchasing Our Products How to Inquire on Our Products.| Inquiries "I have no idea how to use or connect the product "Do you have the product named 00?" First, please contact the Customer Support Center # Customer Center Dedicated staff can assist you with any inquires regarding product selection, use of motors and any other technical issues by phone, e-mail or fax. Support in German & English Tel.:    00800-22 55 66 22* CA LL OM CC * Free Call Europe E-mail address: Please refer to page 11 to contact us from the UK, France or...

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Kn/Kns Series Service Services Before Purchasing Our Products To Understand More on Our Products.| Technical Seminars ►Technical Seminars Dedicated trainers will go through from basic motor knowledge to the applied technology and selection of the right motor. In addition, on-site seminars are also available. You can register for our seminars from our website. f want to know about the latest models." I want to check the actual movements and sounds." "Can I check the operations with a sample?" ►Exhibitions You can check our products at motor fairs and exhibitions. | Motor Selection Service...

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Kn/Kns Series Service Types of Support and Services During- and After- Purchases| Purchasing_ You can purchase our products through the telephone, Fax or the internet from one item onward! For inquiries on purchase and modes of transaction, and for orders, please contact or use below: Customer Support Website Sales Offices I After Purchase ( Technical Support ) 1f "Suddenly the motor stopped working." "An error seems to have occurred, but I have no idea of the cause and how to handle it." To avail a visit from a service engineer and for inspection and troubleshooting, please use...

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Sales Network Europe FRANKFURT PARIS HAMBURG DÜSSELDORF JENA STUTTGART ZURICH LYON LYON BOLOGNA MUNICH MILAN VERONA MADRID •Oriental Motor Headquaters •Subsidiary Sales Office United Kingdom ● Düsseldorf ● Hamburg ● Jena ● Frankfurt ● Stuttgart ● Munich ● Milan ● Bologna ● Verona For more information, kindly contact us at: ORIENTAL MOTOR (EUROPA) GmbH European Headquarters United Kingdom Headquarters Unit 5 Faraday Office Park Rankine Road, Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 8AH (United Kingdom) Telephone: +44 (0)1256-347090 Fax: +44 (0)1256-347099 ORIENTAL MOTOR (FRANCE)...

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