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ES - Series

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RoHS-Compliant Speed Controller bAdditional Informationb Technical reference ➜ Page F-1 Safety standards ➜ Page G-2 ES02 is a speed controller designed for ultimate ease of use when operating and wiring, focusing on the functions required for speed control. A wide range of speed control motors are available for use with this controller. b List of safety standard approved products (Model, Standards, File No., Certification Body) ➜ Page G-10 b Controlling 6 W to 60 W with a Single Unit Provide the functions necessary for speed control. 90 to 1400 r/min (50 Hz) ț Speed control 90 to 1600 r/min (60 Hz) ț Instantaneous stop ț Acceleration/deceleration function that enables smooth start and stop One ES02 unit is all you need to operate speed control motors with varying output of 6 W to 60 W. b IP20-Compliant Case design against electric shock and the IP20-compliant construction prevent the operator from touching the terminal block, thereby ensuring a high degree of safety. b Can Be Used World-Wide The ES02 speed controller conforms to major power supply specifications world-wide. It is recognized by UL and CSA, while CE Marking is used in accordance with the EMC Directive and Low Voltage Directive. ES02 and the applicable speed control motors conform to the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of six chemical substances including lead and cadmium. b Details of RoHS Directive ➜ Page G-23 b Simple Wiring For easy of wiring the new design provides separate terminals for power-supply cables and control-signal lines. Terminals for control-signal lines Terminals for power-supply cables ˾Product Line b Speed Controller Model ES01 ES02 Power Supply Voltage Single-Phase 100-115 VAC Single-Phase 200-230 VAC ✽ For the single-phase 100-115 VAC model, please contact the nearest Oriental Motor sales office. The following items are included in each product. Speed Controller, External Speed Potentiometer, Operating Manual ˾Specifications of Speed Controller ES02 Single-Phase 200-230 VAC Ȁ10% 50/60 Hz 6 W, 15 W, 25 W, 40 W, 60 W 50 Hz: 90ȁ1400 r/min 60 Hz: 90ȁ1600 r/min Speed control, Instantaneous stop, Acceleration/deceleration Model Name Power Supply Voltage Power Supply Frequency Applicable Speed Control Motor Output Variable Speed Range Function Insulation Resistance 100 M⍀ or more when 500 VDC megger is applied between the case and all the pins, the FG terminal and the AC input terminals under normal ambient temperature and humidity. Dielectric Strength Sufficient to withstand 1.5 kV at 50 Hz or 60 Hz applied between the FG terminals and the AC input terminals for 1 minute, under normal ambient temperature and humidity. Sufficient to withstand 3.0 kV at 50 Hz or 60 Hz applied between all the pins and the case for 1 minute. Ambient Temperature Ambient Humidity Degree of Protection 0ȁѿ40˚C (non-freezing) 85% or less (non-condensing) IP20 (with cover) Note: These models cannot be used for applications requiring the control of more than one motor/controller set by the same external speed potentiometer. When instantaneous stop is activated, a large braking current will flow to the motor. Braking current ➜ Page A-193 ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL CATALOGUE ⅥConnection and Operation ➜ Page A-190 Features A-178 / System Configuration A-179 / Product Line A-178 / Specifications A-178

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˾System Configuration Gearheads and Linear Heads (Sold separately) Parallel Shaft Gearheads (➜ Page A-159) Right-Angle Gearheads (➜ Page A-127) Hollow Shaft Type Linear Heads (➜ Page D-114) Solid Shaft Type Speed Controller ES02 (Body) Induction Motors Speed Control Motor (Sold separately) World K Series Reversible Motor Reversible Motors AC Power Supply (Main Power Supply) Electromagnetic Brake Motors Capacitor Cap (Included with the motor) External Speed Potentiometer (Included with the speed controller) Capacitor (Included with the motor) Right-Angle Gearheads Accessories (Sold...

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˾Product Number Code b World K Series Speed Control Motor ȣ Motor Motor Frame Size Motor Type Series Output Power (W) Speed Control Motor I: Induction Motor R: Reversible Motor K: K Series (Example) 25: 25 W Motor Shaft Type, Type of Pinion GN: GN Type Pinion Shaft GU: GU Type Pinion Shaft Power Supply Voltage Gearhead Frame Size 2: 60 mm 3: 70 mm 4: 80 mm 5: 90 mm Type of Pinion GN: GN Type Pinion GU: GU Type Pinion Gear Ratio (Example) 50: Gear Ratio of 1:50 10X denotes the decimal gearhead of gear ratio 1:10 AW2, AW: Single-Phase 100 VAC, 110/115 VAC, RoHS-Compliant CW2, CW: Single-Phase...

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b Right-Angle Gearhead (Sold separately) ȣ Hollow Shaft Type ȣ Solid Shaft Type Applicable Motor Output Power (Pinion Shaft) Gear Ratio Applicable Motor Output Power (Pinion Shaft) Gearhead Model b Enter the gear ratio in the box (Ⅺ) within the model name. Gearhead Model Gear Ratio b Enter the gear ratio in the box (Ⅺ) within the model name. The following items are included in each product. Gearhead, Mounting Screws, Parallel Key, Gasket, Operating Manual The following items are included in each product. Gearhead, Mounting Screws, Parallel Key, Safety Cover (with screws), Gasket, Operating...

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b Reversible Motors – 30 Minutes Rating ȣ Single-Phase 220/230 VAC Model Pinion Shaft Type Round Shaft Type 2RK6RA-CW2E Permissible Torque Variable Speed Range ✽1 1200 r/min 90 r/min Applicable Speed Controller: ES02 Single-Phase 220 Single-Phase 230 Single-Phase 220 Single-Phase 230 Single-Phase 220 Single-Phase 230 Single-Phase 220 Single-Phase 230 Single-Phase 220 Single-Phase 230 Power Consumption Starting Torque b The permissible torque and the starting torque of reversible motors are shown without the friction brake installed. Please keep in mind that you should select a suitable...

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˾Gearmotor – Torque Table bGearheads are sold separately. bTo reduce the speed beyond the gear ratio in the table, attach a decimal gearhead of gear ratio 1/10 (sold separately) between the gearhead and the motor. In that case, the permissible torques are as follows. 2GNⅪS: 3 N⅐m, 3GNⅪS: 5 N⅐m 4GNⅪS: 8 N⅐m (6 N⅐m when a gearhead of 1/25ȁ1/36 is attached) 5GNⅪS: 10 N⅐m, 5GUⅪKB: 20 N⅐m bEnter the gear ratio in the box (Ⅺ) within the model name. ) indicates gear shaft rotation in the same direction as the motor shaft, while the others rotate in the bA colored background ( opposite direction. b...

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