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EMU series

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•Technical reference ➜ Page H-1 •Regulations & Standards ➜ Page I-2 EMU Series ●For detailed information about regulations and standards, please see the Oriental Motor website. Reduced power consumption through the use of a built-in brushless motor. With support for a wide voltage range, the fans can use single-phase 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz). The same characteristics can be achieved regardless of the frequency used. ■Features Low-Power Consumption Wide Voltage Support By using brushless motors, power consumption is reduced by approximately 72%✽. Can be used with single-phase 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) power supply. The same characteristics can be achieved regardless of the frequency used. Lifetime of 60,000 hours (approx. 6 years) By using brushless motors, heat generation can be reduced and unit life is increased 2.2 times✽. ✽Compared to MU1238A-51B. Lightweight The mass of the fan has been lightened by approximately 45%✽ by using resin for the frame. ■Comparison of Specifications and Characteristics between the EMU Series and Conventional Products ◇Specification Comparison Product Item ◇Characteristics Comparison Speed [r/min] Same Characteristics ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL CATALOGUE 2017/2018 Features G-20 / System Configuration

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EMU Series Plug Cord for Connection to Power Supply (Included) AC Power Supply (Main power supply) Not supplied •Example of System Configuration • The system configuration shown above is an example. Other combinations are also available. ■ Product Number • Fan Only EMU 12 38 M - 1 © © © © © • Fan Kit T - EMU1238M-1 - G © © © Overview, Product Series AC Input Energy Saving, Variable Flow EMR AC Input Compact Size MU AC Input Long-Life MRE DC Input MDS MD DC Input Alarm MDA DC Input Long-Life MDE Centrifugal Blowers AC Input MB DC Input MBD Cross Flow Fans AC Input MF DC Input MFD

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AC Input/Low-Power Consumption EMU Series □80 mm With Alarm Operating Voltage Range: ±10% Overheat Protection: Built-in Overheat Protection Circuit Color Frame: Black Blades: Black Materials Frame: PBT (Flammability grade V-0) Blades: Polyphenylene Oxide (Flammability grade V-1) ■Specifications    c^ius ACC© □104 mm •The fan kit includes a finger guard FG12D (€5.00). • Low-Speed Alarm, Electronic Alarm Type Fan Only •The fan kit includes a finger guard FG12D (€5.00). ■Air Flow - Static Pressure Characteristics (The characteristics are applicable for the fan only.) ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL...

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Alarm Leads UL Style 1007, AWG24 (Alarm type only) Input Terminals ■Connecting Diagram Yellow Alarm Cable Enclosure Fan Modules These products integrate the EMU Series fan with peripheral equipment such as the cover, filter media, frame and finger guard. Optimized cooling for control boxes. • Finger Guard IP2X Type • Slit Metal Plate IP4X Type Cooling Fans • Extension Cable (Included) O Plug Cord for Connection to Power Supply “E 3E 2-Core Flat Vinyl Cord (Black) SPT-1 AWG18 Product Name •With the alarm type, M is entered where the box □ is located within the product name. O Alarm Cable...

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