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EAC & EAS series - 128 Pages

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EAC & EAS series

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Oriental motor (XSTEPAR Series Equipped Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series Motorized Cylinders EAG Series Standard Type/Side-Mounted Type Motorized Linear Slides and Motorized Cylinders

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Oriental Motor presents a variety of lineups for linear motion, broadening the range of designs and performance. AR Series Equipped Standard Type Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series Built-In Controller Type Side-Mounted Type Same price Pulse Input Type AC Power-Supply Input DC Power-Supply Input AC Power-Supply Input DC Power-Supply Input Standard Type X Table Y Table Side-Mounted Type (Right-sided/ Left-sided) X Table Y Table Standard Type Side-Mounted Type ✽Photo shows the Right-sided Type. ●Stroke: 50 to 850 mm ●Maximum speed: 800 mm/s ●Maximum transportable mass: 60 kg (horizontal), 30...

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When horizontally mounted, it lessens the intrusion of foreign objects. Drive Table Amazing design. Easy operation. Less maintenance. Easy purchase. When attached to the wall, it lessens the intrusion of foreign objects. Drive Table FLEX is the collective term for products compatible with I/O control, Modbus (RTU) control, and Industrial network control via network converters. These products enable simple connection and simple control, shortening the total lead time for system configuration. Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series ………… Pages 18 to 39 ■ To be compatible with the device of the...

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Amazing Design Multi movement ability, performance regardless of operating conditions! Supporting a wide range of speeds and loads: From low to high speed and from low to high load, these high-performance motorized linear slides and motorized cylinders have become easier to use. High-speed drive even with different weight. High-speed drive is possible from light loads to heavy loads even during inching operation. (Product used) Product name: EAS6 Lead: 6 mm Power-Supply Input: 200 VAC The positioning time, drive speed, and acceleration can be easily retrieved from the graph in this...

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Continued to next page Quick responsiveness Low-speed stability Using the high responsiveness of the closed loop stepper motor, short distance positioning is performed in a short time. Closed loop stepper motors operate synchronously with pulse commands and generate high torque with a compact body, and offer excellent acceleration performance and response. Closed loop stepper motor microstep drive method and smooth drive function ✽ The resolution is improved without mechanical factors such as the reduction gear mechanism. This results in minimal variation in speed, and the speed is...

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Amazing Design Compact while Powerful, Applicable to a Wide Variety of Applications! Compact, Highly Accurate and Highly Rigid Linear Slides Table Ball Screw Ball Screw Nut A motorized linear slide that uses ball screws and adopts a THK-made LM guide.✽ The highly accurate LM Guide Side Cover Guide Block is installed directly to the enclosure Guide Rail base of your equipment making it ideal for applications that require parallelism. (Traveling parallelism of 0.03 mm) Besides being compact, it is highly rigid and has achieved a large portable mass. Motor Installation Direction Standard Type...

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Application Examples A device using the 3 axes, with the motorized linear slide EAS series on the X-Y axes and motorized cylinder EAC series on the Z-axis. Y-Axis Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series Z-Axis Motorized Cylinders EAC Series Side-Mounted Type Equipped with Side-Mounted Type Shaft Guide Space saving due to the side-mounted motor. Space saving due to the side-mounted motor, reduced effort for installation by being equipped with a shaft guide. ✽ Prepare the support guide and mounting brackets. X-Axis Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series Standard Type

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Easy Operation EAS, EAC series are equipped with Easier connection for easier handling! AR series motor and driver package. As it has the same control method as the AR series, the same drive and maintenance methods can be applied during startup. The positioning function equipped type can be connected to a network or multiple axes. Energy Saving Product Variation with a Unified Control Method Power Consumption [kWh/Year] Product lines equipped with the the AR Series all have a unified controllability. Power Consumption: 66% less than a conventional model. ■ Power Consumption 66% Reduction...

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Continued to next page. Easy Operation by Use of the Data Setting Software By using the data setting software, data settings, actual operation, and checks by the various monitor functions are also easily performed on the computer. ■ Data Setting Software MEXE02 Various monitor functions The data setting software can be downloaded from the website. ●I/O Motorized Linear Slide Motorized Cylinders The condition of the I/O being wired with the driver can be checked on the computer. Use it to check the I/O condition after wiring and during operation. Data/ Parameter Setting The operating data...

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Easy Operation Driver Features Built-In Controller Type As the information required for operation of the motorized linear slides and motorized cylinders is kept in the driver, the load to the host PLC is reduced. The system configuration to use a multi-axis control has been simplified. The setting is performed using the data setting software, data setting device (sold separately) or by RS-485 communication. Basic Setting Operating Data Setting: Parameter Change (Factory Setting) Data Setting Driver Motorized Linear Slide Test Operation Alarm History Data setting software (MEXE02) or...

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Continued to next page. Return-To-Home Operation ■Teaching Function Continuous Operation Teaching can be performed by using the data setting + Direction Motor Operation − Direction software MEXE02✽ or the data setting device OPX-2A (sold separately). Move the table or rod to the target position, and store the position data at this time as the positioning data. ✽ The data setting software can be downloaded from the Other Operations ● Pushing Mode − Side Mechanical End + Side website. For details, please contact the nearest Oriental Motor sales office. ● JOG Operation (Test operation) ●...

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