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CRK Series - Integrated Controller - 46 Pages

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CRK Series - Integrated Controller

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5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Package ●Connection Information● Technical reference ➜ Page G-1 Safety standards ➜ Page H-2 This series is a motor and driver package product that combines a high-performance, 5-phase stepping motor with a compact and low-vibration microstep driver. The lineup consists of a Built-In Controller Package or a Pulse Input Package. ●For detailed product safety standard information including standards, file number and certification body, please visit ✽Pulse Input Packages only. ■ Features ● Low Vibration and Noise Reduction ● Wide Variety of Motors ◇ Lower Vibration and Noise Achieved by Microstepping This series offers models ranging from the high-resolution type, high-torque type and standard type, as well as various geared types. You can find a product meeting your specific torque, resolution or other needs from a wide range of specifications. The basic step angle of the motor can be divided into a maximum of 250 microstep angles without using any mechanical element such as a reduction gear. As a result, vibration and noise are further reduced. Comparison of Vibration Characteristics ◇ High-Resolution Motor ● Improved Stopping Accuracy Vibration Component Voltage Vp-p [V] 2.0 Conventional Model 0.72˚/step CRK Series 0.36˚/step Smooth Drive Function: ON The positioning accuracy of a stepping motor is affected by the friction of the load. The High-Resolution type achieves high accuracy and reliability based on Oriental Motor′s latest precision machining technology. The motor resolution is increased to double the level of a standard model to reduce the displacement angle against load torque, thereby achieve high positioning accuracy. Vibration is also reduced. 400 Standard type: 50 teeth ◇ Smooth Drive Function for Enhanced Ease of Use High-Resolution type: 100 teeth Resolution: steps per rotation = 0.36˚/step The Smooth Drive Function automatically controls motion via microstepping at the same travel amount and speed used in the full-step mode. Speed Fluctuation Comparison of Speed Fluctuations (100 r/min) Comparison of Angle – Torque Characteristics Smooth Drive Function: OFF Speed Fluctuation T L: Friction Torque T H1,TH2: Maximum Holding Torque Smooth Drive Function: ON High-Resolution Type Standard Type ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL CATALOGUE 2012/2013 T H1: CRK566AP (Standard Type) T H2: CRK566PMAP (High-Resolution Type) Features A-146 / System Configuration A-151 / Product Line A-154 / Specifications, Characteristics A-156 Dimensions A-173 / Connection and Operation A-183 / Motor and Driver Combinations A-190

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Stepping Motors ◇ Encoder Type Motors The High-Resolution type is designed with a stop position accuracy of ±2 arc minutes (±0.034˚) [standard type: ±3 arc minutes (±0.05˚)]. The reduced error helps improve the positioning accuracy of your equipment. Built-in controller types use encoder type motors, making it possible to detect positional errors. This contributes to even better equipment reliability. Command position counter Power Supply Voltage: 24 VDC Resolution: 1000 (0.36˚/step) CRK566PMBP A-Phase, B-Phase STEPOUT output Alarm output Warning output Comparison of Speed – Torque...

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5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages CRK Series ■ Selectable Drivers by System Built-In Controller Data Setting Software A built-in pulse generation function allows the motor to be driven via a directly connected programmable controller. Since no separate pulse generator is required, drivers of this type save space and simplify the system. Programmable Controller Sensor Positioning Unit ● Modbus (RTU) Control Operating data, parameter settings or operation commands can be input via RS-485 communication. A maximum of 31 drivers can be connected to one serial unit. There is also a...

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Stepping Motors ● Compact Driver with Built-In Controller Function ◇ Space Saving and Simple Wiring ◇ Return to Home Operation Return to Home Operation can easily be performed by a home position sensor or a sensor representing a position reference point (home) is available. ➁ Home position sensor Electrical home position Programmable Controller ◇ Maximum 63 Points of Operating Data ● Used for Position Counting Operating data selection By counting the output signals, the commanded position of the motor can be checked. ● Three Operating Functions Operation command (RS-485 communication) Unit...

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5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages CRK Series ■ Lineup of Motors ● Characteristics Comparison for Motors Type Permissible Torque/ Maximum Torque [N·m] Basic Resolution [deg/step] Output Shaft Speed [r/min] High-Resolution Type · The basic step angle is 0.36°/step, which is half that of the standard type · High positioning accuracy Maximum Holding Torque · Higher torque of approximately 1.3 to 1.5 times compared with the standard type Maximum Holding Torque High-Torque Type Standard Type Maximum Holding Torque 1.66 · Basic model of CRK Series TH Geared Type (Parallel shaft) · A wide...

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Stepping Motors ● Built-In Controller Packages ✽1 Not supplied ✽2 Required for driving I/O control. An example of a configuration when used with either I/O control or RS-485 communication. 0.36°/Geared 0.72°/Geared RK AR AC Input Motor & Driver Accessories (Sold separately) ③ Control Module✽2 ② Connection Cable (For extension) CRK Series (Connected by the customer) Motor Driver 24 VDC Power Supply✽1 24 VDC Power Supply for Electromagnetic Brake✽1 1.8°/Geared High-Torque PKP Motor Only Accessories (Sold separately) ⑥ Clean Dampers (➜ Page A-375) Overview Coupling that connects the motor...

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5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages CRK Series ■ System Configuration ● Pulse Input Packages An example of a system configuration with the SG8030JY controller. Accessories (Sold separately) ✽Not supplied Controller (Sold separately) ③ Controller (➜ Page A-338) Programmable Controller✽ ① MCS Couplings ② Connection Cable Set (➜ Page A-353) Accessories (Sold separately) ④ Motor Mounting Brackets ⑤ Clean Dampers (➜ Page A-375) Name MCS Couplings Connection Cable Set Controller Motor Mounting Brackets Clean Dampers Overview Coupling that connects the motor shaft to the driven shaft....

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