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BMU Series

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mjriPflFflM MOtOt* Brushless Motor and Driver Packages Easy Speed Control with Spin and Push

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Easy Speed Control with Spin and Push A settings dial designed for easy speed control. Once the motor and the driver are connected, all you do for this simple wiring is turn on the switch. Introducing the NexBL BMU Series, which is committed to your ease of use of the product. The new brushless motor NexBL is a compact, high-power, and high-efficiency motor. It offers the highest standards of speed control now at an affordable price. Brushless Motor and Driver Packages

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NexBL is a new brushless motor from Oriental Motor. The entire structure has been innovated in pursuit of the optimal performance from a motor. It realizes a first-ever compactness, high power and high efficiency for a motor. ① Spin and push. Easy speed control. ② Easy wiring. Quick start. ③ Opening the panel reveals extensive functions. ④ New Brushless Motor–NexBL.

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NexBL BMU Series Operation Procedure

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① Spin and push. Easy speed control. Turn the dial, and set the speed to your desired speed. Turning the dial slowly changes the speed by 1 r/min. Turning the settings dial has a similar feeling as with While observing the indication, turn the dial slowly to the clicking. Turning the dial clockwise increases the speed, right, and notice that speed increases by 1 r/min. While while turning it counterclockwise reduces the speed. turning it slowly to the left, notice that the speed decreases by 1 r/min. Pushing the dial sets the speed. The dial operation can be locked. Once the desired value...

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NexBL BMU Series Connection and Activation

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② Easy wiring. Quick start. The motor and driver can be easily connected. The power and I/O connectors are of the screwless type. The motor connector is compact, and it easily passes There is no need for welding or special crimp tools through the flexible conduit and the cable gland. when connecting the power connector and the I/O connector. While pushing the orange button, just insert the lead wire. With only one switch, the motor can be started immediately. The motor starts when the switch is set to the "RUN" position. If set to the "STAND-BY" position, the motor decelerates to a stop....

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NexBL BMU Series Extensive Functions

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③ Opening the panel reveals the extensive functions. Various functions can be set on the driver. (Typical functions that can be set while the front panel is opened) Load factor can be shown. With the rated torque of the motor at 100% , the load factor can be expressed in percentage (40-200% ). The load condition during the start-up, as well as the load condition due to the aging deterioration of the equipment ● Adjustment of operating speed✽ 4-Speed Setting. Operation in 4 speeds is possible by setting the data to operating data No.0, No.1, No.2, or No.3, and switching the input of the M0...

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NexBL BMU Series Motor Features

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④ New Brushless Motor NexBL NexBL designed for compactness, high power and high efficiency NexBL and Three-Phase Motor Comparison An optimal magnetic design and high-performance Weight reduction and slim body are realized with the material enable a NexBL stator plate thickness of just high-power NexBL. For example, compared with the 11.2 mm. This slimness realizes a highly efficient power three-phase induction motor of frame size 90 mm, NexBL unit that outputs 120 W. Compared with the conventional brushless motor of the same output power, the stator plate thickness is only half of the...

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The highest standards of speed control now available at an affordable price. Highest standards of speed control. ● NexBL BMU Series 120 W Maximum Instantaneous Torque Maximum Speed of 4000 r/min Speed ratio 1:50 (2.5 times of the conventional ratio) Speed ratio of 1:50 (80 to 4000 r/min) is realized. Speed regulation has been greatly improved from ±0.5% to ±0.2% . With the highest standards of speed control, we respond to our NexBL BMU Series has a maximum speed of 4000 r/min. Enlarged region Limited Duty Region Rated Torque 0.287 Continuous Duty Region NexBL BMU Series 120 W customers'...

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Brushless motors, which are suitable for speed control, have the following features: In a brushless motor, there are no brushes, and thus no Stable speed control Wide Speed Control Range Brushless motors compare the setting speed with the The brushless motor has a broader speed control range speed feedback signals from the motor at all times, and compared to AC speed control motors and inverters. adjusts the motor's applied voltage. For this reason, even Unlike AC speed control motors, the torque at low speed if the load changes, stable rotation is performed from low is not limited, so...

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"System Configuration Accessories (Sold separately) Cables used for EMC directive evaluation Flexible Couplings ( ➜ Page 28) Connection Cables, Flexible Connection Cables ( ➜ Page 26) NexBL BMU Series Combination Type (Motor and gearhead) Programmable Controller✽1 Connection Cable (Either an included product or accessory) AC Power Supply (Main power supply) Accessories (Sold separately) Circuit products mounting brackets ✽2 ( ➜ Page 27) Mounting Brackets ( ➜ Page 27) Power Supply Cable ( ➜ Page 26) ✽✽1 Not supplied. ✽✽2 For details of the product, check the Oriental Motor website or contact...

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"Product Line Combination Type The combination type comes with the motor and its dedicated gearhead pre-assembled. This simplifies mounting in equipment. Motors and gearheads are also available separately to facilitate changes in motor and gearhead combinations and if spare gearheads are required. ●●You may purchase the motor unit with connection cable (1 m, 2 m, 3 m). For price and lead time please contact the nearest Oriental Motor office, or visit our website. ●● Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead ◇◇Standard Type (IP20 specification) Output Power Power Supply Voltage Product Name...

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●● Round Shaft Type ◇◇Standard Type (IP20 specification) Output Power Power Supply Voltage Product Name ◇◇IP65 Specification Output Power Power Supply Voltage Product Name The following items are included in each product. Motor, driver, gearhead ✽1, connection cable ✽2, CN1 connector, CN4 connector, installation screws ✽1, machine key ✽1, operating manual ✽✽1 Combination type only ✽✽2 Only with types supplied with a connection cable ●● Lineup of Other Products Round Shaft Type Shaft Flat Cutout on Output Shaft ●●For details of the products processed with a shaft flat cutout, check the...

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