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BLV Series

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Brushless Motor and Driver Package DC Power Supply Input, High Power Standard Type/Electromagnetic Brake Type Introducing the new high power, DC input BLV Series brushless motor and driver with output options of 200 W to 400 W. Communication control through I/O or RS-485 is available to support a wide variety of applications. Output Power Power Supply Voltage Standard Type Motor Type Electromagnetic Brake Type Frame Size Combination Motor Output Gear Ratio Rated Life ✽Only compatible with the 400 W type. ◇Permissible Torque without Saturation The hollow shaft flat gearhead enables permissible torque without saturation so the motor torque can be fully utilized. Three Types Available (Shown below are standard type models): The BLV Series are compact, DC input brushless motors and drivers with output options of 200 W to 400 W. An extensive variety of motors lets you select the model that best suits your specific application. ●Features of the Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead □104 mm, space-saving, hollow shaft flat gearhead has been added to the lineup. ●DC Power Supply Input, High Power Output Options of 200 W to 400 W , Compact Motor Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Permissible Torque Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead Round Shaft Type Parallel Shaft Gearhead Gear Ratio Parallel Shaft Gearhead The output shaft can be coupled directly to a driven shaft without using a coupling, which allows you to reduce the size and installation space of your equipment. 154 mm 104 mm Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead ✽For gear ratios 5 to 20. [For Three-Phase Motor and Parallel Shaft Gearhead] [For Brushless Motor and Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead]

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●Comes in an Electromagnetic Brake Type ●Equipped with Functions to Facilitate Battery Drive The electromagnetic brake type is suitable for position holding during standstill or gravitational operation. Note that vertical drive (gravitational operation) requires motors of a specific power supply. ●Capable of driving even if the battery voltage is low ●A warning output notifies when the battery voltage is low Drive System Horizontal Drive Vertical Drive (Gravitational Operation) Standard Type Switching Power Supply Battery Switching Power Supply Battery Electromagnetic Brake Type ✽Power...

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■System Configuration ✽1 Parts sold separately. An example of a single-axis system configuration using I/O control is shown below. Accessories (Sold separately) Flexible Couplings (➜ Page 15) Accessories (Sold separately) Control Module (➜ Page 15) Flexible Connection Cables (➜ Page 14) BLV Series Combination Type (Motor/Gearhead) Connection Cable (Accessory)✽2 DC Power Supply✽1 ✽2 1 m, 2 m or 3 m connection cable is included. Accessories (Sold separately) External Speed Potentiometer (➜ Page 15) Motor Speed Indicator DIN Rail Mounting Plate (➜ Page 15) ●This product is not a standard...

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■Product Number Code ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ Series BLV : BLV Series Motor Frame Size 6: 104 mm [Gearhead Frame Size: 110 mm] Output Power (W) 20: 200 W 40: 400 W Power Supply Voltage K: 24 VDC N: 48 VDC M: Electromagnetic Brake Type Blank: Standard Type Gear Ratio/Shaft Type Number: Parallel shaft gearhead type Gear ratio 5∼200 Hollow shaft flat gearhead Gear ratio 5∼100 A: Round Shaft Type Gearhead Type (Combination type only) S: Parallel Shaft Gearhead F: Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Cable Length (Included) ■Product Line Combination Type The combination type comes with the motor and its dedicated...

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■Specifications ●Standard Type ◇200 W, 400 W Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Round Shaft Type Rated Output Power (Continuous) W Rated Voltage VDC Permissible Voltage Range Power Source Rated Input Current A Maximum Input Current A Rated Torque N·m N·m Starting Torque✽1 Rated Speed r/min Model Speed Control Range Round Shaft Type Permissible Load Inertia J Rotor Inertia J Load Voltage Speed Regulation Temperature 3000 100∼4000 (Analog setting) 80∼4000 (Digital setting: can be set in 1 r/min increments)✽2 8.75 15 0.61 0.66 ±0.5%...

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■Common Specifications ● Standard Model: These specifications apply when the basic motor/driver package is used. ● Extended Function: These specifications apply when a separately sold control module (OPX-2A) or communication is used. Standard Model Select one of the following methods: · Internal speed potentiometer (VR1) · External analog setting (External speed potentiometer or external DC voltage) Speed Setting Method Acceleration/ Deceleration Time Multi-Speed Setting Method Extended Function✽1 Select one of the following methods: · Control module (OPX-2A) · Communication setting ·...

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■Communication Specifications ●Modbus Communication Specifications Item Communication Protocol Electrical Characteristics Transmit/Receive Method Baud Rate Physical Layer Number of Connection Units Specifications Modbus protocol (Modbus RTU mode) EIA-485-compliant For use of twisted-pair wire (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e min. recommended), set the total extension length of the communication cable at max. 50 m. Half-duplex communication 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38400 bps, 57600 bps, 115200 bps Asynchronous method (Data: 8-bit, Stop-Bit: 1-bit/2-bit, Parity: Blank/Even No./Odd No.) 31 units max....

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■Permissible Overhung Load and Permissible Thrust Load ●Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead Model Gear Ratio 100∼3000 r/min 4000 r/min 100∼3000 r/min 4000 r/min 100∼3000 r/min 4000 r/min Permissible Thrust Load N 200 300 400 ●Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Permissible Overhung Load 20 mm from 10 mm from mounting surface mounting surface of gearhead of gearhead N N 1230 1070 1130 990 1680 1470 1550 1360 2040 1780 1900 1660 Gear Ratio 100∼3000 r/min 4000 r/min 100∼3000 r/min 4000 r/min 100∼3000 r/min 4000 r/min Permissible Thrust Load N ●Round Shaft Type Model...

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● Mounting screws are included with the combination type. ●Standard Type 200 W, 400 W ◇Motor/Parallel Shaft Gearhead Gearhead Model Motor Model ●At the time of shipment, a key is inserted on the gearhead's shaft. ◇Motor/Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead BLV620K□F-◇, BLV640N□F-◇ Motor: BLVM620K-GFS, BLVM640N-GFS Gearhead: GFS6G□FR Mass: 7.2 kg ((Including gearhead) ◇Key (Included) ●Enter the gear ratio in the box (□) within the model name. Enter the length of the connection cable (included) as 1 [1 m], 2 [2 m] or 3 [3 m] in the diamond (◇) within the model name.

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