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BLF Series

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Brushless Motor and Driver Packages ●Connection Information● Technical reference ➜ Page G-1 Safety standards ➜ Page H-2 The BLF Series brushless motor achieves a maximum motor speed of 4000 r/min. With the digital operator, digital setting and display are possible, offering a wide range of functions to meet your diverse needs. ● For detailed product safety standard information including standards, file number and certification body, please visit ■ Features ● Easy Operation with the Digital Operator A wide speed control range from 80 to 4000 r/min (speed ratio of 1:50) enables the motor to be used for various applications. You can perform various settings and operations using the six operation keys on the digital operator. ● Wide Speed Control Range from 80 r/min up to 4000 r/min Operation Keys Limited Duty Region Continuous Duty Region 0.2 Operation Keys Speed Control Range 80 to 4000 r/min ● Various Digital Displays Speed, load factor, alarm code, etc. can be displayed digitally. ● The speed can be displayed as gearhead output shaft speed. ● Energy-Saving At an output power of 60 W, the power loss of the BLF Series is approximately half that of an inverter-controlled AC motor, which contributes to the energy-saving operation of your equipment. Speed (r/min) Transfer Speed (m/min) Load Factor (%) Alarm Code 50% Less Loss Approx. 23% Less Power Consumption 50 ● Four Speed Setting Methods Select one of four speed setting methods according to the condition in which your equipment is used. Output Power ①Digital Operator ● Multi-Speed Operation Using up to Eight Speeds Up to eight speeds can be set by digital setting. On the digital operator, the speed can be set in units of 1 r/min and a different acceleration/deceleration time can be set for each speed. Switch the speed according to your needs. No.8 ②Internal Speed Potentiometer (Factory setting) ③External Speed Potentiometer (Accessory: PAVR-20KZ) Speed [r/min] Motor Operation Pattern ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL CATALOGUE 2012/2013 External DC Power Supply Time ④External DC Voltage (10 V/5 V Switchable) Features D-42 / System Configuration D-44 / Product Line D-45 / Specifications D-46 / Characteristics D-46 Dimensions D-50 / Connection and Operation D-56 / Motor and Driver Combinations D-61

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Speed Control Motors ● Long Life Gearhead Rating of 10000 Hours✽ The speed adjusted by physically operating the motor can be set and stored. The rated life of the parallel shaft gearhead and hollow shaft flat gearhead is 10000 hours (at 3000 r/min). The parallel shaft gearhead achieves a rated life of twice as long as that of a conventional gearhead. ● Speed Teaching Function ✽ For the rated life time definition, refer to "Service Life of Gearheads" on page G-35. ● The 60 W, 120 W and 200 W parallel shaft gearhead has a tapped hole at the shaft end. ● Features of Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead...

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Brushless Motors/BLF Series ■ System Configuration ✽Not supplied Accessories (Sold separately) Accessories (Sold separately) ①Connection Cables Motor Connection Cable Signal Connection Cable Digital Operator (Detachable) Combination Type (Motor/Gearhead) Programmable Controller✽ AC Power Supply (Main power supply) Accessories (Sold separately) ③Mounting Brackets ④Flexible Couplings ⑤External Speed Name Connection Cables Remote-Control Kit Mounting Brackets Flexible Couplings External Speed Potentiometer Overview Dedicated cable for connecting the motor and driver (1 to 20 m). Be sure to...

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Speed Control Motors BLF 2 30 C - 5 FR ③ Power Supply Voltage A: Single-Phase 100-120 VAC C: Single-Phase 200-240 VAC S: Three-Phase 200-240 VAC Gear Ratio, Motor Shaft Type Series Name Motor Frame Size Output Power (W) Blank: Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead FR: Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead BLF: BLF Series 2: 60 mm 4: 80 mm 5: 90 mm 6: 104 mm (110 mm for Gearhead) (Example) 30: 30 W Number: Gear ratio for combination types: 8 types from 5 to 200 A: Round Shaft Type Brushless Motors This type comes with the motor and its dedicated gearhead pre-assembled. This...

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Brushless Motors/BLF Series ■ Specifications ● 30 W, 60 W, 120 W, 200 W Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead Product Name Rotor Inertia Round Shaft Type Rated Output Power (Continuous) W Rated Voltage VAC Permissible Voltage Range Rated Frequency Hz Power Supply Input Permissible Frequency Range Rated Input Current A Maximum Input Current A Rated Torque N·m Starting Torque✽1 N·m Rated Speed r/min Speed Control Range r/min Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Round Shaft Type Permissible Load Inertia Speed Regulation✽2 (When digital operator is used) Load Voltage Temperature...

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Speed Control Motors Item ■ Common Specifications Specifications Acceleration/Deceleration Time (At 3000 r/min) 0.2∼15 seconds (factory setting: 0.5 seconds) Up to eight speeds using the digital operator Input Signal (In the remote mode) Photocoupler input mode Input resistance 3.3 kΩ Internal power supply voltage: 14 VDC±10% Connectable external voltage: 24 VDC±10% (only for source logic) Source input (factory setting), Sink input/2-wire input mode (factory setting), or 3-wire input mode CW (START/STOP) input, CCW (RUN/BRAKE) input, STOP-MODE (CW/CCW) input, Speed data select, Alarm reset...

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Brushless Motors/BLF Series ■ Gearmotor – Torque Table of Combination Type Unit = N·m Gear Ratio 80 r/min Product Motor Speed Name 3000 r/min [r/min] 4000 r/min At 80∼3000 r/min BLF230C-□ At 4000 r/min At 80∼3000 r/min BLF460C-□ At 4000 r/min At 80∼3000 r/min BLF5120C-□ At 4000 r/min At 80∼3000 r/min BLF6200C-□ At 4000 r/min ● A colored background ( ) indicates gear shaft rotation in the same direction as the motor shaft. Others rotate in the opposite direction. Unit = N·m Gear Ratio 80 r/min Product Motor Speed Name 3000 r/min [r/min] 4000 r/min At 80∼3000 r/min BLF230C-□FR At 4000 r/min...

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Speed Control Motors Introduction ● Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Permissible Overhung Load Product Name ● Round Shaft Type Permissible Overhung Load 20 mm from Shaft End N Permissible Thrust Load Half of motor mass max. FE100/ FE200 ● Combination Type – Parallel Shaft Gearhead 5 When instantaneous stop or instantaneous bi-directional operation is performed When instantaneous stop or instantaneous bi-directional operation is performed When instantaneous stop or instantaneous bi-directional operation is performe ● Combination Type – Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead Gear Ratio When...

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