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AR Series - AC - 50 Pages

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AR Series - AC

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Stepping Motors Introduction Stepping Motors Stepping Motor and Driver Packages AC Power Supply Input 0.36°/Geared 0.72°/Geared RK AR AC Input Motor & Driver 0.36°/0.72°/ 1.8°/Geared Geared RBK CRK DC Input Motor & Driver 0.9°/1.8°/Geared CMK 0.72° PK 1.8°/Geared High-Torque PKP Motor Only 0.9°/1.8°/Geared PK Controllers SG8030JY Accessories

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Stepping Motor and Driver Packages Overview of Stepping Motor and Driver Packages The utilizes our unique closed loop control. This is a motor and driver package product offering the user-friendliness of a stepping motor combined with improved response and reliability. ■ Features ● Uses Oriental Motor's Original Closed Loop Control Technology ● Maintaining All the Beneficial Features of a Stepping Motor ◇ Maintains Operation Even During Abrupt Load Fluctuations and Accelerations. ◇ User-Friendly and Easy, Highly Accurate Positioning Deviation Counter Rotor Position Counter Output Element...

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Stepping Motors Introduction ● Selectable Drivers by System Pulse Input ●Pulse Control Motor Driver Pulse Generator Programmable Controller ●I/O Control Data Setting Software Control Module Computer 0.36°/0.72°/ 1.8°/Geared Geared RBK CRK DC Input Motor & Driver The function of a built-in pulse generator lets you build an operation system by connecting directly to a programmable controller. No separate pulse generator is required, which contributes to space saving. Driver Programmable Controller Positioning Unit No separate pulse generator is required Programmable Controller 1.8°/Geared...

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Stepping Motor and Driver Packages ■ Built-In Controller Package The burden on the programmable PLC is reduced because the information necessary for motor operations is built into the driver. This simplifies the system configuration for multi-axis control. Set with control module (sold separately), data setting software, or RS-485 communication. Basic Settings (Factory settings) Operation Data Settings Parameter Changes Control Module (OPX-2A) Data Setting Test Operation Alarm History Parameter Changes Connection Cable Monitor Data Setting Software (MEXE02) Data Copy ●Setting via RS-485...

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Stepping Motors ■ Group Sending Function (Via RS-485 communication) Return-To-Home Operation ●2-Sensor Mode ●One-Shot Operation Speed Operation Data No. 0 Groups can be configured with multiple axes connected via RS-485 communication, and commands sent for each group. Multiaxis simultaneous starting and identical operations are also possible. No. 0 Motor Positioning Operation Start Start Command Operation Command (RS-485 Communication) ●Linked Operation Motor Movement of No. 1 Motor (Sub Axis) Motor Movement of No. 2 Motor (Sub Axis) ●Push-Motion Mode Dwell Time −Side +Side Mechanical End...

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Stepping Motor and Driver Packages ■ Pulse Input Package By using the data setting software and control module, sold separately, parameters can be changed, the alarm history displayed, and each monitor handled according to your demands. Basic Settings Extended Settings (Factory settings) Control Module (OPX-2A) Push-Motion Operation Test Operation Parameter Changes Connection Cable Monitor Data Copy Data Setting Software (MEXE02) ● Main Additional Functions from Extended Settings Basic Settings Extended Settings 1-pulse input mode or 2-pulse input mode (negative logic) can be selected....

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Stepping Motors ●While the main power is cut off, the control power (24 VDC) must be supplied. ● Return to Electrical Home Operation An operation in which the motor returns to the “position it had assumed when the power was turned on (= electrical home)” or “location set as the electrical home.” ● Automatic Return Operation An operation in which the motor returns to the “position at which motor excitation was turned off (= the C-ON input turned OFF or FREE input turned ON).” 0.36°/Geared 0.72°/Geared RK AR AC Input Motor & Driver Two return operation functions are available: Return to...

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0.36° Closed Loop Stepping Motor and Driver Package ●Connection Information● Technical reference ➜ Page G-1 Safety standards ➜ Page H-2 High-Efciency AR Series This series substantially reduces heat generation from the motor through the use of high-efficiency technology. It allows you to take advantage of the beneficial features of the stepping motor to perform quick positioning operations over a short distance repeatedly without worrying about the duty cycle. ●For detailed product safety standard information including standards, file number and certification body, please visit...

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Stepping Motors ◇ Capable of Driving Large Inertial Loads Compared with a servo motor of the same frame size, a larger inertial load can be driven regardless of speed conditions. AR66AC-◇ Servo Motor 200 W (Rated Torque) Servo Motor 100 W (Rated Torque) ● Comparison at 30 times of the rotor inertia ● AR Series Load Inertia 22.4×10-4 kg·m2 (30 times the rotor inertia) Load Inertia: Diameter: 169 mm, Thickness: 10 mm, Material: Aluminum Motor: Frame Size 60 mm Length 90 mm 0.36°/Geared 0.72°/Geared RK AR AC Input Motor & Driver AR66 (Standard Type) and Servo Motor (100 W/200 W) Load Inertia...

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Stepping Motor and Driver Packages High-Efficiency AR Series ■ Motor Lineup ● Characteristics Comparison for Motors and Geared Motors Backlash [arc min (degrees)] Standard TH Geared (Parallel shaft) · A wide variety of low gear ratios, high-speed operations · Gear Ratio Types 3.6, 7.2, 10, 20, 30 · High Permissible Torque/Maximum Torque · A wide variety of gear ratios for selecting the desired step angle · Center Shaft · Gear Ratio Types 5, 7.2, 10, 25, 36, 50 Harmonic Geared (Harmonic drive) · High Speed (Low gear ratio), High Positioning Accuracy · High Permissible Torque/Maximum Torque ·...

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Stepping Motors ● Built-In Controller Package Standard Type with Electromagnetic Brake An example of a system configuration when used with either I/O control or RS-485 communication. ✽1 Not supplied ✽2 To be provided as necessary 0.36°/Geared 0.72°/Geared RK AR AC Input Motor & Driver Accessories (Sold separately) ① Connection Cable Set Flexible Connection Cable Set ② Extension Cable Set Flexible Extension Cable Set (➜ Page A-344) Accessories (Sold separately)✽2 ③ Control Module ④ Data Setting Software AR Series Driver For Electromagnetic Brake 0.36°/0.72°/ 1.8°/Geared Geared RBK CRK DC...

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