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AR AC - Series - 50 Pages

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AR AC - Series

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0.36°/Geared Stepper Motor and Driver Package OCster <Additional Information> • Technical reference ^ Page H-1 • Regulations & Standards ^ Page I-2 cc • For detailed information about regulations and standards, please see the Oriental Motor website. A closed loop stepper motor series that substantially reduces heat generation from the motor through the use of high-efficiency technology. As stepper motors, these can be used for short-distance, repetitive positioning operations, without having to worry about the duty cycle. • High Reliability with Closed Loop Control • High Efficiency Technology Reduces Motor Heat Generation • Capable of High Positioning Accuracy • 2 Driver Types to Choose from Built-in Controller TvpemEX-) / Pulse Input Type CfletT What is FLEX? FLEX is the collective name for products that support I/O control, Modbus (RTU) control, and FA network control via network converters. These products enable simple connection and simple control, shortening the total lead time for system construction. High Reliability with Closed Loop Control For details, refer to "Overview of Closed Loop Stepper Motor and Driver Packages OtsTEP" on page A-9. Continuous Operation Utilizing High-Efficiency Technology • Lower Heat Generation Heat generation by the motor has been significantly reduced through higher efficiency. • Temperature Distribution by • Motor Case Temperature under Thermography Same Operating Conditions • 45% Less Power Consumption* than Conventional Oriental Motor Products Due to Energy-Saving Features • Power Consumption The driver is equipped with an automatic recognition function, which recognizes the attached motor. Various types of motors, such as the standard type and the geared type, can be attached to a single driver. Therefore, there is no need to change the driver to match the motor to be attached. Maintenance is easier. All of the products equipped with the AR series feature standardized controllability. Same Movement! Electric Cylinders EAC Series • Continuous Operation (Operation at a High Duty Cycle) The AR Series can be operated at high frequency. The motor can operate continuously. | Note | • If the motor is operated continuously, a heat sink of a capacity at least equivalent to an aluminum plate with a size of 250 x 250 mm, 6 mm thick is required. ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL CATALOGUE A-68 2017/2018 Features A-68 / System Configuration A-75 / Product Line A-77 / Specifications, Characteristics A-81 Dimensions A-94 / Connection and Operation A-106 / Motor and Driver Combinations A-116

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Easy to Use with High Functionality •Automatically Controlled Electromagnetic Brake It is not necessary to provide a separate circuit to control the electromagnetic brake. The electromagnetic brake is released when the motor is excited (= the current ON input is turned ON), and activated to hold the load in position when the excitation is cut off (= the current ON input is turned OFF). | Note | A separate 24 VDC power supply is required for electromagnetic brake control. • Separation of Main Power and Control Power The control power-input terminals are provided separately from the main...

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0.36°/Geared Stepper Motor and Driver Package AR Series 2 Driver Types Available Depending on the System Configuration 2 types of AR Series drivers are available, depending on the master control system in use. ●Built-in Controller Type ● When Controlling with I/O ●Pulse Input Type No Need for Positioning I/O Module ● When Controlling with from Computer or Touch Screen (HMI) Serial Communication CPU Serial Communication Module ● When Controlling with FA Power Supply Power Supply Positioning Module Pulse Input ③FA Network Network Converter With this type, the operating data is set in the...

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Because the driver has the information necessary for motor operation, the burden on the host PLC is reduced. The system configuration when using multi-axis control has been simplified. Settings are configured using a control module (sold separately), data setting software or RS-485 communication. Operation Data Setting Parameter Changing Control Module (OPX-2A) • Operation Types In the built-in controller type, the operating speed and traveling amount of the motor are set with operating data, and operation is performed according to the selected operating data. There are four types of motor...

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0.36°/Geared Stepper Motor and Driver Package OCstep AR Series Positioning Operation Continuous Operation <Operation Functions> • Independent Operation Speed Start Command - Side Mechanical + Side Mechanical Terminal Terminal tJ - Side •Position Preset A-72 ORIENTAL MOTOR GENERAL CATALOGUE 2017/2018 Features A-68 / System Configuration A-75 / Product Line A-77 / Specifications, Characteristics A-81 Dimensions A-94 / Connection and Operation A-106 / Motor and Driver Combinations A-116

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Pulse Input TypeThe control module (sold separately) and data setting software can be used to change the parameters, display the alarm history, and perform various types of monitoring. Basic Setting (Factory setting) Motor Connection Cable Push-Motion Operation Test Operation Alarm History Parameter Changing Data Copy Overview, Product Series AC Input Motor & Driver Data Setting Software (MEXE02) • Main Additional Functions Available with Extended Settings Item DC Input Motor & Driver Motor Only /Driver Only Geared PKP/PK ❖ 1 Do not perform push-motion operation using geared type motors....

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0.36°/Geared Stepper Motor and Driver Package OCstep AR Series • Types and Features of Standard and Geared Motors TH Geared Type (Spur Gear Mechanism) PS Geared Type (Planetary Gear Mechanism) PN Geared Type (Planetary Gear Mechanism) Harmonic Geared Type (Harmonic Drive) Output Shaft Speed [r/min] 4000 Note • Please use the above values as reference to see the differences between each type. These values vary depending on the motor frame size and gear ratio. • Power Supply Input and Frame Size • □42: Indicates a motor frame size of 42 mm. • Electromagnetic brake models are available for all...

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