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AC Motors - World K Serie - 124 Pages

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AC Motors - World K Serie

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(RoHS) RoHS-Compliant Induction Motors Reversible Motors Electromagnetic Brake Motors Torque Motors

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The World K Series is a global name of our standard AC motors that is usable around the world. Its lineup has Offering the Greatest Utility been extended with the addition of models conforming to for around the World the RoHS Directive. Offering high reliability and wide range of variations, the World K Series supports effective equipment design.

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Induction Motors Motor Frame Size Ⅺ42 mm Lead Wire Type Reversible Motors Electromagnetic Brake Motors Lead Wire Type Torque Motors

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Ⅵ Features of the World K Series If you're looking for reliable motors that can be used in various locations around the world, Oriental Motor has the answer with the World K Series. These high-performance models are compatible with major international safety standards and voltage standards of each country and region, and also come in a range of configurations, gearhead types and accessories. Safety Standards for Safe, Reliable Operation Worldwide Voltage Compatibility All World K Series models have a built-in overheat protection device and conform to major international safety standards....

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Wide Variations Brake Pack/ Accessories Select from a total of 4 models encompassing 336 types. "Long life, parallel shaft gearhead" as well as various gearheads can be available. We offer a standard-compliant brake pack, as well as a range of accessories. Oriental Motor has expanded its lineup with the Ⅵ Gearheads We have dedicated gearheads offering wide Ⅵ Standard-Compliant Brake Pack SB50W addition of Ⅺ42 mm motors, 2-pole, high-speed type induction motors and torque motors. You gear ratios, as well as right-angle gearheads that can choose the ideal motor from a total of 336 minimize...

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Ⅵ Lineup of the World K Series Ideal for uni-directional continuous operation. Induction Motors Lead Wire Type Lead Wire Type ⅷ 2-Pole, High-Speed Type Perfect for high-speed applications. Lead Wire Type Most suitable for applications where instantaneous reversal of direction is frequently required. Reversible Motors Lead Wire Type Electromagnetic Brake Motors Torque Motors Optimal for applications in which loads must be held. Motors come with a power off activated type electromagnetic brake. Suitable for winding and other operations involving tension control, as well as for applications...

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• For your catalogue, please contact your nearest Oriental Motor sales office. Induction Motors Torque Motors Frame Size/Output Power * The products for single-phase 100 VAC, single-phase 200 VAC are available. Please contact the nearest Oriental Motor sales office.

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Induction Motors ˾Features b Optimal for Uni-Directional Continuous Operation Induction motors are optimal for uni-directional continuous operation such as a conveyor system. ˾Safety Standards and CE Marking Standards Certification Body Standards File No. E64199 (1 Wȁ6 W Type) E64197 (15 Wȁ150 W Type) Conform to EN/IEC Standards Low Voltage Directives 2005010401150786 (Single-Phase 1 W, 3 W Type) 2003010401091525 (Single-Phase 6 W Type) 2003010401091527 (Three-Phase 6 W Type) 2003010401091522 (Single-Phase 15 Wȁ90 W Type) 2003010401091520 (Three-Phase 25 Wȁ90 W Type) 2005010401150785...

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Brake Pack SB50W (Sold separately) Equipped with instantaneous stopping functions, thermal protector open detection functions. Flexible Couplings (Accessories) Mounting Brackets (Accessories) Right-Angle Gearheads (Sold separately) ˾System Configuration Induction Motors Motor AC Power Supply Capacitor Cap✽ (Included) Insulating cap for capacitor terminal section. Capacitor (Included) ȜExample of System Configuration (Body) (Sold separately) Long Life/Low Noise Mounting Bracket GN-S Gearhead 4GN25S SOL4M5 Flexible Coupling MCL301012 : Required under this system. : Selectable according to...

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˾General Specifications of Motors b 1 W, 3 W Type Item Specifications 100 M⍀ or more when 500 VDC megger is applied between the windings and the frame after rated motor operation under normal ambient temperature and humidity. Dielectric Strength Insulation Resistance Sufficient to withstand 1.5 kV at 50 Hz or 60 Hz applied between the windings and the frame for 1 minute after rated motor operation under normal ambient temperature and humidity. Temperature Rise Temperature rise of windings are 75˚C or less measured by the resistance change method after rated motor operation under normal...

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Induction Motors ˾Specifications – Continuous Rating Model Lead Wire Type Pinion Shaft Type Round Shaft Type Electromagnetic Brake Motors b The J and U at the end of the model name indicate that the unit includes a capacitor. These letters are not listed on the motor nameplate. When the motor is approved under various safety standards, the model name on the nameplate is the approved model name. : Impedance protected ˾Product Line b Motor Type b Gearhead (Sold Separately) Model Pinion Shaft Type 0IK1GN-AW2J 0IK1GN-AW3U 0IK1GN-CW2J 0IK3GN-BW2J 0IK3GN-BW3U 0IK3GN-DW2J Type Parallel Shaft b...

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˾Gearmotor – Torque Table bGearheads are sold separately. Decimal gearheads are not available. bEnter the gear ratio in the box (Ⅺ) within the model name. indicates gear shaft rotation in the same direction as the motor shaft, while the others rotate in the opposite bA colored background direction. bThe speed is calculated by dividing the motor's synchronous speed (4-pole type; 50 Hz: 1500 r/min, 60 Hz: 1800 r/min, 2-pole type; 50 Hz: 3000 r/min, 60 Hz: 3600 r/min) by the gear ratio. The actual speed is 2 - 33% less than the displayed value, depending on the size of the load. Speed r/min...

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ȣ Capacitor (Included with the motors) ȣ Capacitor Dimensions (mm) Reversible Motors Induction Motors bThe direction of motor rotation is as viewed from the shaft end of the motor. CW represents the clockwise direction, while CCW represents the counterclockwise direction. bConnection diagrams are also valid for the equivalent round shaft type. ˾Connection Diagrams Electromagnetic Brake Motors PE: Protective Earth Note: Change the direction of single-phase motor rotation only after bringing the motor to a stop. If an attempt is made to change the direction of rotation while the motor is...

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