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OMRON TM Collaborative Robots

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OMRON TM Collaborative Robots OMRON’s line-up of collaborative robots include a variety of models to guarantee the right reach and payload for different applications, including mobile robot compatible (DC) versions. Designed to meet safety regulations ISO 10218-1 (including TS 15066) and ISO 13849-1.

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OMRON TM Collaborative Robots are designed for a wide variety of applications in a number of industries. Assembly: Our cobots can improve throughput and consistency of repetitive or complex assembly tasks including part joining, insertion, tool changing, and working alongside people. Mobile Manipulation: Mounting an Omron TM cobot onto an OMRON LD mobile robot, this robotics solution automates not only transportation of goods but also complicated picking operations. Palletizing: Our space-saving cobots can streamline end-of-line case stacking onto a pallet. With built-in vision, cases can...

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With graphical programming, hand guiding, and intelligent vision, OMRON TM cobots are designed to be easy and intuitive. Customers can set up simple applications in just a few minutes. Hand Guide Intelligent Vision Graphical Programming Hand guide mode allows users to easily set points and assign tasks to the robot. With buttons built into the cobot arm, users can guide the robot into position and automatically record the position in the software. Our built-in vision system allows for quick setup of pickand-place tasks, with the help of easy hand guiding and landmark positioning. Intuitive...

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Designed for Flexible Manufacturing OMRON TM cobots can be quickly repurposed to a number of applications. OMRON TM Collaborative Robots are designed to be easily redeployed to different tasks and applications, making production as flexible as needed. OMRON TM cobots can be easily moved on the Mobile Workstation (accessory). The built-in vision system uses Landmarks that help the cobot navigate without the need for fixed jigs. Graphical programming allows quick deployment and changeovers without prior coding experience. OMRON TM Collaborative Robots can fit into small spaces, even inverted...

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Global Network For decades, OMRON safety services have been the partner of choice of global brands and machine manufactures in automotive, food and beverage, consumer electronics and cosmetics industries. Our expertise in industrial, mobile, and collaborative robotics combined with 85+ years of experience in industrial automation gives us unparalleled expertise in safety. Risk Assessment Service OMRON’s Risk Assessment Service helps customers mitigate potential safety hazards before deploying a robotics solution. Our functional safety engineers bring unrivaled expertise to work with...

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POINT button records position in cobot program FREE button allows hands-on teaching Indicator light ring shows robot status Anatomy of OMRON TM Cobot VISION button teaches vision tasks and task sequences Built-in camera with integrated light Gripper button End-of-arm tooling flange BUILT-IN VISION* STURDY JOINTS *No-camera version is available on request.

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Built-In Vision The integrated vision system is the biggest advantage of OMRON cobots. It is designed for industrial grade pattern recognition, object positioning, and feature identification. Users can set up vision tasks for immediate deployment without going through complex steps of integrating external cameras or lighting equipment. Character Recognition Landmarks Anchor Contrast Pattern Matching (Shape) Color Plane Extraction Pattern Matching (Image) Smoothing Fiducial Mark Matching Thresholding Blob Detection Image Flipping Color Identification

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Plug & Play OMRON has partnered with a select number of companies to offer a wide variety of peripherals that quickly and easily integrate with our cobots, allowing for a faster deployment and return on investment. They are collectively referred to as Plug & Play devices and software, designed to serve a broad range of customer applications and meet the highest testing standards of OMRON. Plug & Play Categories Plug & Play Kits All products come as a ready-to-use kit for easy installation.

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Mobile Manipulator By mounting an OMRON TM collaborative robot arm onto an OMRON LD series autonomous mobile robot, this mobile manipulator is capable of picking up a product and carrying it to different locations. It greatly reduces human error associated with transporting high-value products, as well as human contamination associated with products such as wafer FOUP. Working as a standalone platform or in a fleet, this solution adds traceability to your production and increases efficiency. OMRON’s mobile manipulator solution provides the easiest integration, and offers the most stable...

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Flexible Feeding OMRON’s Flexible Feeding solution provides a compact and cost-effective system for automated assembly. Solution includes OMRON cobot, OMRON Microscan smart camera, and OMRON AnyFeeder. The solution Is Ideal for flexible feeding applications requiring vision systems to identify the location, orientation, and shape of different parts, where occasional human interaction might be needed. −− Simplifies consolidation of compact feeding systems by incorporating integrated vision −− Safe collaboration with humans during feeding and assembly processes −− All cobot and AnyFeeder...

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Choosing Cobots vs. Industrial Robot Traditional Industrial Robots OMRON Cobots Can be shared with people. No. Fixed to one location and works on dedicated task. Yes. Can be moved between locations during the day to work on different tasks. Built-in camera and Landmark positioning enable quick relocation. Difficult. Requires skill and training. Easy. Can be done with minimal training. Requires advanced skills and is timeconsuming. Fit for mass production at high speeds. Fit for high-mix, low-volume production at a speed comparable to human workers. Can be used at high speeds with safety...

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TM5 Specifications Product Name Part Number Wall, Table, Ceiling Joint Range Joint Speeds IP54 (robot arm), IP32 (control box), IP40 (robot stick) Power Supply Digital In: 16 Digital Out: 16 Analogue In: 2 Analogue Out: 1 Digital In: 4 Digital Out: 4 Analogue In: 1 Analogue Out: 0 RS232, Ethernet (master), Mobus TCP/RTU (master & slave) Integrated Camera Programming Environment TMflow, flowchart based *no-camera version available on request.

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