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? Alarm and Events Management. ? Telemetry and Data Acquisition ? I/O Systems > ? Alarm Annunciators ? Sequential Events Recorders and Loggers ? Alarm Management Packages for PC ? Distributed Alarm Annunciation Networked ? Analog Alarm Integration and logging > ? RTUs for Data Acquisition ? Multidrop Point to Point Telemetry Systems on cable ? Cable Networking ? Packet Radio Networking ? Cable Saving Signal Multiplexing ? Plant Wide Data Monitoring > ? Remote I/O systems ? Signal Conditioning ? Power Supplies ? Loop Isolators ? Two Wire Transmitters ? Modbus I/O Modules > BRProduct...

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? Integral Annunciators Backlit LED, Incandescent, Sidebar LED ? Remote Logic Units ? Remote Displays ? Serial Displays ? Hazardous Area Annunciators ? Accessories and spares > A discrete low end unit Omnilog is used in conjunction with Omni16 or as a standalone unit for Sequential Events recording up to 128 points. With better than 1millisecond for 32 inputs and 4 milliseconds for a full 128 inputs. All events are logged to integral printer.For larger systems requiring better resolution and events streams to SCADA orDatabases SER260 is used. This is a 32 - 4064 point sequential event...

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Distributed Alarm Annunciation Networked > MaxiLarm is a powerful distributed Alarm Annunciation application on the Maxiflexhardware platform with I/O collection points distributed over up to 10km of twisted pair cable. Events are time stamped to 10millisecond resolution. Configuration is via PC based set-up program connected anywhere on the network. Analog Alarm Integration and Logging > Pumps, fans, motors need protection in the case of component failure and information for predictive and preventive maintenance purposes can reduce failures and stoppages. Omniwatch logs with date and time...

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OMNIFLEX Product Shortform Catalogue - 5

? Conet - Copper Cabling ? Conet/m Җ Radio Networking ? Conet/p Serial access to Conet via programming Port ? Conet/s ֖ Serial full duplex Conet implementation Fibre or Copper ? Conet/e ֖ Ethernet TCP/IP > BRProduct ShortformR03-5- Copyright Omniflex size="-1">

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Configuration Management Software > A suite of Configuration Management Tools are available for Omniflex Products likeMaxiflex and Omni-16C. These windows based Software Tools allows configurations to be saved and archived for future use. There are several options available:OmniSet Free Software supplied on Distribution CD DITView Allows customising of configuration files Conet Explorer Suite. Full Suite of Tools, Forth Down Loader, Terminal Access. Cable Networking > Sophisticated Cable Networking can be achieved with Maxiflex with up to 127 Nodesable to share a cable. TheConetFieldbus...

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I/O Systems Remote I/O systems > The modular I/O module based Maxiflex system provides direct signal conditioning for dataacquisition and control applications providing a cost effective front-end for PLC's and DCS systems especially in remote locations where the powerful local area networking capabilities allow access to data in remote locations that previously appeared to costly to reach Signal Conditioning > This is a 19inch rack based 3U Eurocard signal conditioning system for flexible front-endsignal conditioning applications where space and power constraints apply. Single unit housing...

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1.The Copyright of this document and the associated drawings, is the property of OMNIFLEX and is issued on condition that it is not copied, reprinted or reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically, photocopying, mechanical or otherwise, nor its contents disclosed, either wholly or in part, without the consent in writing of, or in accordance with, the conditions of a contract with OMNIFLEX. 2.The publication of information in the document does not imply freedom from patent or other protective rights of OMNIFLEX or others. 3.Although every intention is made to ensure...

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