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Maxiflex 4PI Pulse Integrity Module Model M1713B 4 Channel Meter Pulse Integrity Module. DATASHEET FEATURES • 4 dual-channel or 8 independent meter pulse inputs Provides ISO 6551 Level A pulse security. Detects and corrects both missing and added pulses Totalises corrected meter pulses from each channel Outputs a secondary single pulse stream from the selected input. Accepts a wide range of turbine meter output signals Fits in any MAXIFLEX base I/O slot The primary function of the Maxiflex M1713B 4PI Module is to monitor dual inputs from up to four oil/gas turbine flow meters and to detect and correct errors in the input pulse streams, and totalise the pulses. The module meets the Level A security requirements of specification ISO 6551 “Petroleum liquids and gases Fidelity and security of dynamic measurement – Cabled transmission of electric and/or electronic pulsed data.” ISO6551 recommends specific techniques to be employed in the quantitative measurement of petroleum products when royalty, fiscal and custody transfer accounting is required. Five levels of security are specified by this standard, with level A being the most stringent. When configured for Level A security, The Maxiflex M1713B 4PI module will continuously verify and correct pulse counts received from the flow meters. This module uses sophisticated correlation techniques in real time to compare the pulse streams and detect missing or added pulses, and accumulates all errors detected and corrected for reporting to the Maxiflex CPU. This module also provides a pulse output signal selectable from any of the nput pulse streams for use i with the Maxiflex M1714A Meter Prover module. A wide range of turbine meter inputs can be accommodated, with any phase. When used with 90 degree phase shifted dual pulse streams, forward and reverse flow is totalised separately. SPECIFICATIONS Inputs Number Input Pulse Types 8 Pulse Inputs (configurable as 4 dual pulse inputs or 8 independent pulse inputs) Three types of electrical pulse signal from the flow meter (including preamplifier) are catered for: Single-ended Voltage: 0 to 12V Differential Voltage: -6 to +6V Single-ended current: 4-16mA Electrical Specifications 6Vdc minimum at 5mA 100 microseconds minimum Field Termination Type Screw Terminal Wire Size Screw clamp Plug-in Terminal Blocks 2.0mm2 maximum For manageable wiring to the module, 0.5 2 mm is recommended with 2mm overall outside diameter Environmental Operating Temperature 3.5V minimum 2.5V maximum 5mA minimum Input “OFF” current Maximum Input Voltage Input Indication (Green LED per channel) 0.3mA maximum 30Vdc LED ON when input is ON LED OFF when input is OFF Input Pulse Frequency Minimum Pulse Width Storage Temperature Input “ON” voltage Input “OFF” voltage Input “ON” current Humidity Protection 95% max. at 40°C (104°F) non-condensing. Electronics conformally coated Logic Power Consumption From Logic Power Supply Mass Excluding Packaging ISO 6551 Levels A and B IP 252/76, Part XIII, Level A and B API Chapter 5.5 Level A and B Including Packaging Pulse Counting Security Standards Compliance Output Voltage Pulse Width Ordering Information Description Maxiflex 4PI Module Output Type Sourced voltage output pulses - 1 -Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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Maxiflex 4PI Pulse Integrity Module Model M1713B 4 Channel Meter Pulse Integrity Module. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Input 1 channel A positive Input 1 channel A negative Input 1 channel B positive Input 1 channel B negative Input 2 channel A positive Input 2 channel A negative Input 2 channel B positive Input 2 channel B negative Input 3 channel A positive Input 3 channel A negative Input 3 channel B positive Input 3 channel B negative Input 4 channel A positive Input 4 channel A negative Input 4 channel B positive Input 4 channel B negative Pulse Output positive Pulse Output negative MECHANICAL...

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