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MAXIFLEX Serial Network Interface Module Model M1592A RS232/485 Programmable Network Interface Module DATASHEET FEATURES • Integral RS232/485 Serial Port Serial Port isolation to 1500Vac Built in Modbus® and Conet/s protocols. Programmable for custom protocols Easy configuration using free software utility. Check availability of protocol of your choice Integrates any serial device into standard SCADA or DCS or PLC systems. Replaces M1585A with improved DB9 connections. No internal linking required to select RS232/RS485 The M1592A Serial Network Interface Module (Serial NIM) is designed specifically to allow serial access to a wide range of third party serial devices in either point-topoint or multi-drop configuration using RS485. The Serial NIM comes equipped with the Conet/s protocol for peer-to-peer applications, or with Modbus Master and Slave protocols for access to a wide range of third party devices. In addition, the Serial NIM supports the development of custom protocol drivers in the EziFORTH programming language. Custom protocols maybe downloaded to the module to communicate with any device equipped with a RS232 or RS485 serial port. All data is accessible by a SCADA, DCS or PLC via the Maxiflex system CPU through a 3000 register Data Interchange Table. All system configuration data and dynamic data can be read and written through this convenient table interface. Using the supplied Omniset configuration utility, advanced polling schemes may be easily set up without the need for programming. All polling and communications processing is performed in the module, unloading the Maxiflex CPU module for the more important system tasks such as control and SCADA communications. Through the use of network routing capability built into the Conet/s protocol, this NIM may form part of a larger network of networks, passing data seamlessly across different network segments transparently to the supervisory computer. The M1592A is the recommended replacement for the M1585A is in all new installations. The M1592A is functionally identical to the M1585A except that the DB9 serial connector pin out has been changed to the revised Omniflex standard pin out that requires no internal link selection when choosing RS232 or RS485 Communicate with any device that has a serial port, and integrate the data from this device into a DCS, PLC or SCADA system. Use MODBUS to communicate with many third party devices to integrate these devices into the SCADA, DCS or PLC system Point-to-Point Telemetry systems with analog and digital data in both directions over a serial link. Use the Conet/s protocol for full duplex peer-topeer communications with RTU’s over a serial link including fibre optic. Remote I/O for SCADA software packages incorporating third party devices. Communicate over wide area networks, integrating remote RTU’s into local systems. Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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MAXIFLEX Serial Network Interface Module Model M1592A RS232/485 Programmable Network Interface Module Serial Port Type Asynchronous RS232/485 serial port Modbus Master (ASCII or RTU) Modbus Slave (ASCII or RTU) Conet/s (peer-to-peer) rd Custom and other 3 party protocols On = Data is being received on serial port. Environmental Operating Temperature Storage Temperature 95% max. at 40°C (104°F) non-condensing. Electronics conformal coated Baud Rate Maximum cable length Logic Power Consumption From Logic Power Supply Memory User Program Excluding Packaging User Variables Including Packaging...

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