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MAXIFLEX 8VC ISO Module Model M1431 Individually Isolated 8 way Voltage/Current Input Module. DATASHEET FEATURES • Fits in any MAXIFLEX base I/O slot 8 individually Isolated Voltage/Current Inputs High interchannel isolation for industrial applications Intelligent Module provides direct conversion to either Percentage or direct voltage reading. Four Alarm/Trip setpoints per input. Removable Terminal Blocks In system automatic module detection DESCRIPTIONThe M1431 8VC ISO module provides 8 voltage or current inputs. The inputs are individually galvanically isolated. This intelligent module is software configurable, and allows each input to be configured for a different input type and range. The input value can be read as either a scaled percentage value to 2 decimal places, or the actual voltage/current input value as a signed integer to 3 decimal places. eg 0.00% to 100.00% or 1.000 to 5.000V. Over-range and under-range inputs are read as –32768 and 32767 respectively. Current inputs are converted to voltage using an external resistor placed across the input terminals. This allows the plug-in inpute terminals to be removed without breaking the current loop. The value of resistor used to configurable in the range 50Ω to 500Ω. Each input has four software settable alarm/trip setpoints and a deadband value. The status of the alarm/trip signals is available as derived digital inputs from the module. With the aid of an accurate DC voltage source and the M1431A calibration software, the module can be field calibrated by the user if required. The module may be inserted into any I/O slot in a Maxiflex system. Inputs are terminated on plug-in screw terminals. The module can be inserted or removed while the system is powered. Auto-detection capability allows the CPU to recognise the presence of this module in the system. All configuration and dynamic data are made available to the system CPU through a module Data Interchange Table. The module is configured by writing the appropriate values to this table, and the dynamic values are read by reading from this table. SPECIFICATIONS Inputs Input to system logic Standard Voltage ranges Standard Current ranges Insulatio resistance Input Impedance 1MΩ (excl. current sense resistor) Temperature Drift Output Reading Direct Voltage, Current or % Input Resolution Interference Rejection No effect up to 400Vac rms ON = operating correctly Flashing = Module failure OFF = No Power or module failure Output Termination Types Screw clamp Plug-in Terminal Blocks and 20 way ribbon header Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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Model M1431B 8 VC ISO - 2

MAXIFLEX 8VC ISO Module Model M1431 Individually Isolated 8 way Voltage/Current Input Module. 2 Screw Terminal Wire Size 2.0mm maximum For manageable wiring to the 2 module, 0.5 mm is recommended with 2mm overall outside diameter Auto Identification Codes Module ID Scan Code Environmental Operating Temperature Excluding Packaging Storage Temperature Including Packaging Ordering Information Description Order Code Electronics conformally coated Logic Power Consumption From Logic Power Supply ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Module MECHANICAL CONFIGURATION Current input (Four Wire) Current input (2 Wire)...

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