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MAXIFLEX 8DI8RO Module Model M1330 8 Way Digital I/O Module (8 x 9-30Vdc Inputs; 8 x Relay Outputs). DATASHEET FEATURES • Fits in any MAXIFLEX base I/O slot 8 Digital Inputs and 8 Relay Contact Outputs 9-30Vdc input voltage range Inputs electrically isolated from Outputs Positive or Negative Common Supply (ie source or sink) Removable Terminal Blocks In system automatic module detection The M1330A 8DI8RO module accept 8 digital inputs powered externally from either a positive or negative common circuit, and provides 8 Relay outputs. The inputs are electrically isolated from the outputs to allow them to be used in separate electrical circuits. All inputs are opto-isolated from the system logic. The module may be inserted into any I/O slot in a Maxiflex system. The status of each input and output is displayed on a 4x4 LED matrix on the front of the module. The module can be inserted or removed while the system is powered. SPECIFICATIONS Open Circuit Voltage Inputs Number and Type Isolation (100% tested) 8 Digital (On/Off) 1500Vac, 50/60Hz for 1 minute Inputs to logic Insulation Resistance Input Response Indication Nominal Input Voltage Nominal Input Current 15ms typical Green LED on = input contact closed 24Vdc 5mA at 24Vdc Guaranteed On Voltage Input Current at 24Vdc Input Current over voltage range Guaranteed Off Voltage Guaranteed Off Current Maximum Voltage between inputs and Outputs Minimum Load Contact Resistance Operating Frequency Service Life 5Vdc 10mA 30milliohms maximum 1800 operations/hour under full load 300 000 operations at 2A resistive 100 000 operations at 2A inductive (see inductive load spec. above) Input/Output Termination Terminal Type Wire Size Environmental Operating Temperature Storage Temperature 95% max. at 40°C (104°F) non-condensing. Electronics Conformally coated Outputs Number and Type Dielectric Strength 8 Normally Open Relay Contacts 3000Vac 50/60Hz coil to contacts Isolation Test Logic Power Consumption 100% tested to 1500Vac, 50/60Hz for 1 minute – all outputs to logic Insulation Resistance Relay operate time Relay release time Indication Maximum switching current 10 milliseconds typical Red LED on = Relay energised 2 Amps per output 5 Amps total per module Maximum switching capacity 1250VA or 150W for resistive load. 500VA or 60W for inductive load with L/R < 7ms (L=load inductance in henry’s and R=load resistance in ohms) Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice Screw clamp Plug-in Terminal Blocks 2.0mm2 maximum For manageable wiring to the module, 0.5 mm2 is recommended From Logic Power Supply 140mA from 5Vdc 150mA from 12Vdc (with relays energised) Auto Identification Codes Module ID Scan Code Mass Excluding Packaging Including Packaging Ordering Information Description Maxiflex 8DI8RO Module

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MAXIFLEX 8DI8RO Module Model M1330 8 Way Digital I/O Module (8 x 9-30Vdc Inputs; 8 x Relay Outputs). ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Field Output Sink Output Source Potential Free Contacts 1 IP COM External Power Supply Polarity Independent MECHANICAL CONFIGURATION Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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