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MAXIFLEX 64DI Module Model M1327A 64 Channel 24Vdc Digital Input Module (Positive Common). DATASHEET FEATURES • Fits in any MAXIFLEX base I/O slot 64 Digital Inputs with positive common (switch to 0V). 4 off 20 way Ribbon Header connectors In system automatic module detection The M1327 64DI module provides 64 digital inputs. The input circuitry is powered externally from 24Vdc. The module may be inserted into any I/O slot in a Maxiflex system. All inputs are opto-isolated from the system logic. Inputs are connected via four twenty-way insulation displacement ribbon cable headers. These ribbon headers are compatible with the recommended C6320 DIN-rail mounted Termination Board as well as other OMNIFLEX products equipped with the OMNIFLEX standard ribbon header pinout such as the Omni16 annunciators and displays. The module can be inserted or removed while the system is powered. Auto-detection capability allows the CPU to recognise the presence of this module in the system. SPECIFICATIONS 0mA from 12Vdc supply Inputs Number From +24Vdc Power Supply Positive Common (switch to 0V) 100% tested to 1500Vac, 50/60Hz for 1 minute - all inputs to logic Excluding Packaging Including Packaging Insulation Resistance Input Response time Ordering Information Green module OK LED. (Individual channel indication on C6320 Termination Board.) External Supply Voltage and input voltage range ‘On’ current per input Input voltage for Input Off Input voltage for Input On Model Name Order Code Input Termination Type Four 20 way 1.27mm pitch insulation displacement ribbon cable headers Environmental Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Electronics conformally coated Power Consumption From Logic Power Supply Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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MAXIFLEX 64DI Module Model M1327A 64 Channel 24Vdc Digital Input Module (Positive Common). ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Module Application Circuit with Application Circuit with inputs module powered from powered from module inputs through ribbon cable. through ribbon cable. to other circuits 16 Identical Circuits on Ribbon Header 'A' Ribbon Header 'A' (Top right) Inputs 1 - 16 16 Identical Circuits on Ribbon Header 'D' Ribbon Header 'D' (Bottom left) Inputs 49-64 External Power Supply 18-30Vdc MODULE LAYOUT External Power Supply 18-30Vdc RIBBON CABLE HEADER PINOUT Pin No. Ribbon Header Pinouts (A...

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