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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU Built in Alarm Annunciation Function (Maxilarm) Up to 240 Alarm Points Supported All five IEC61131 Programming Languages supported Support for from 2 to 15 local I/O modules Optional Ethernet or CONET industrial LAN interface. Automatic I/O module identification and scanning. Built in CONET inter-network routing for complex systems. Time-stamping of Sequence of Events inputs to 1ms Remote programming and configuration On-line monitoring and debugging 16 Group Alarm Groups 27 Alarm Sequences (Including 13 Timer Sequences) The MAXIFLEX A3 CPU’s are designed specifically for applications requiring Maxilarm Annunciator functionality. In addition, it includes standard PLC programming with industry standard IEC61131 programming capabilities combined with powerful industrial network communications features. All local data is accessible through up to 64000 Data Interchange Registers in a single “Data Interchange Table” for ease of communications. All system configuration data and dynamic data can be read and written through this convenient table interface. Conventional remote I/O systems can be implemented without the need for any programming, although the inclusion of all five IEC61131 programming languages allows complex local control functions to be performed. Following the ISO OSI 7-layer model, this CPU includes a powerful inter-network routing capability for retrieving data from the corners of the factory in very large, geographically spread-out installations. This capability allows many dissimilar network types to be linked to create a seamless factory intranet, quite often without the need to layer special network cabling. The A3 CPU automatically identifies the presence of I/O modules and performs I/O scanning of these modules, making this data available in the Data Interchange Table without needing to write a line of code. Many other features such as a built-in real-time clock, battery backup for temporary dynamic data, and a MODBUS equipped RS232/485 serial port are standard in this product. PLC Applications requiring complex communications and SCADA capability. Integrate third party devices into MAXIFLEX using network interfaces to achieve maximum plant visibility. I/O expansion into existing DCS installations through the network gateways. Network linked RTU out-stations with up to 480 I/O per out-station. Distributed Event Handling Systems with Timestamping to 1 milliseconds at source. Maxilarm Distributed Annunciator Function for up to 240 alarm points. Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU General Description Maxilarm Maxilarm is a powerful alarm annunciator function built in to the A3 CPU. It can annunciate up to 240 alarm points using locally acquired inputs, remote inputs (from other network connected Omniflex devices) or any derived input produced by user program in the CPU. In addition it can operate in conjunction with Omni4000 for Windows (CC018A) to provide a complete Alarm and Event Management System, supporting up to thousands of inputs. Using the M1760/1 32 SOE Modules, inputs can be scanned to a...

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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU In all these cases, the traditional method is for a controlling master node to poll the slave nodes regularly for data in case something has changed. This crude method is an inefficient use of the limited network bandwidth, and is inherently slow in typical update times. The MAXIFLEX A3 CPU provides a superior mechanism to accomplish this commonly used function, through its Subscription Service. The receiving node is configured to request the data from the source node, by setting up a subscription, very much like you would...

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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU Slave protocol. This protocol option conforms to Class 0 of the Modbus/TCP conformance classification. 32 Modbus Master Queries are supported. • • Router Wizard System Interconnection Table Calculated Router Table Register Entries Serial Port Protocol Selection The included serial port on the A3 CPU’s comes equipped with four protocol options as standard: • Modbus Master can be selected for easy interconnection of the A3 CPU to third party systems equipped with a Modbus Slave interface. Modbus Slave can be selected for easy...

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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU The programming languages supported by the A3 CPU’s are: • SFC – Sequential Function Charts LD – Graphical Ladder Diagram Program Structure on the Application Workbench Program Debugging Using the Workbench Debugger, it is possible to lock I/O while the debugger is connected, and to force an I/O point to a known state. Variable locking is a dynamic operation, and is not memorised when the application restarts. Defining an I/O module as “virtual” disconnects the processing of the physical I/O channels. In this mode, inputs/outputs...

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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU The Ladder Diagram (LD) is one of the most familiar methods of representing logical equations and simple actions, particularly in the United States. Contacts represent input arguments and coils represent output results. The Workbench’s Quick LD editor provides the best compromise between high-level graphic capabilities and easy-to-use keyboard driven programming. LD and FBD programming can be mixed in the same chart. FLOW CHART STRUCTURED TEXT Structured Text (ST) is a high level structured language with a syntax similar to Pascal...

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MAXIFLEX A3 CPU Model M1264A A3c and M1265B A3e Maxilarm CPU Module General Layout Serial Port Connector Ethernet Port Connector Serial Port DIP switch Network Port DIP switch Programming Port Connector Specifications member of one First-out Group. Maxilarm Specifications Restrictions Alarm Inputs Quantity Pushbutton Inputs All members of a First-out Group must drive the same sequence. Alarm Sequences Total Built-in Standard Function Lamp Outputs Silence, Acknowledge, Reset, Test Lamp Flash States OFF ON SLOW FLASH (40 flashes/minute) FAST FLASH (160 flashes/minute) INTERMIITENT FAST FLASH...

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