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MAXIFLEX T2 CPU’s Models M1240B (T2), M1241B (T2c), M1242B(T2e) & M1243B (T2m) Telemetry and Remote I/O Processors DATASHEET FEATURES • Designed specifically for Remote I/O Systems System sizes from 2 to 15 I/O modules per CPU No programming required but available for local control. Easy configuration using free software utility. Optional integral Ethernet, CONET or radio modem Port Automatic I/O module identification and scanning. Built in CONET inter-network routing for complex systems. Built in Modbus protocol support for 3rd party connectivity The MAXIFLEX T2 CPU is designed specifically for remote I/O applications, offering powerful industrial network communications features with ease of use. All local data is accessible through up to 64000 Data Interchange Registers in a single “Data Interchange Table”. All system configuration data and dynamic data can be read and written through this convenient table interface. Conventional remote I/O systems can be implemented without the need for any programming, although the inclusion of programming capability in the T2 with the powerful EziForth programming language allows local control functions to be performed. Following the ISO OSI 7-layer model, this CPU includes a powerful inter-network routing capability for retrieving data from the corners of the factory in very large , geographically spread-out installations. This capability allows many dissimilar network types to be linked to create a seamless factory intranet, quite often without the need to layer special network cabling. The T2 CPU automatically identifies the presence of I/O modules and performs I/O scanning of these modules, making this data available in the Data Interchange Table without needing to write a line of code. Many other features such as a built-in real-time clock, battery backup for temporary dynamic data, and a MODBUS equipped RS232/485 serial port are standard in this product. Remote I/O for SCADA software packages using Ethernet. Use with CONET to retrieve data over distances up to 10km. Point-to-Point Telemetry systems with analog and digital data in both directions over a single pair of wires. I/O expansion into existing DCS installations through the CONET network and Modbus gateways. Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice High Density Analogue Data Acquisition systems such as boiler skin temperature monitoring with direct sensor connections. Third party network interfaces to the DCS over CONET to achieve a rugged plant intranet. Radio linked RTU out-stations with up to 480 I/O per out-station. Distributed Alarm Systems with Time-stamping to 10 milliseconds at source. Dialup monitoring of remote installations for metering, asset management or security applications. Solutions by Design

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Model M1240B CPU T2 - 2

MAXIFLEX T2 CPU’s Models M1240B (T2), M1241B (T2c), M1242B(T2e) & M1243B (T2m) Telemetry and Remote I/O Processors LED Indicators A comprehensive set of LED indicators are used for status indication on the front of the CPU. These identify: • CPU Healthy • • • • I/O Module Status RUN Application program started Battery Status Serial Port Communications Activity Network Communications Activity AutoScan The T2 CPU is equipped with “Autoscan”, a feature that automatically scans all the I/O Modules and I/O connected to the CPU. The power of this feature is seen in Telemetry applications and Data...

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Model M1240B CPU T2 - 3

MAXIFLEX T2 CPU’s Models M1240B (T2), M1241B (T2c), M1242B(T2e) & M1243B (T2m) Telemetry and Remote I/O Processors CONET Technology The T2 CPU’s are all equipped with the field proven CONET industrial intranet technology. CONET is a peer-to-peer internetworking technology designed from the ground up for noisy industrial plant environments. CONET can run on a number of physical media including existing plant cabling, conventional copper twisted pair, over radio links, over fibre-optic links, over virtual serial links, and over Ethernet. CONET is available for the following media: • Conet/c...

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Model M1240B CPU T2 - 4

Telemetry and Remote I/O Processors Serial Port Protocol Selection The included serial port on the T2 CPU's comes equipped with four protocol options as standard: • Modbus Slave can be selected for easy interconnection of MAXIFLEX I/O to third party systems such as Distributed Control System's, SCADA software, or Master Programmable Logic • Modbus Master can be selected for reading/writing data to third party intelligent devices such as controllers, analysers, and PLC equipped with te Modbus Slave protocol. • Conet/s protocol can be selected to interconnect MAXIFLEX systems over wide areas...

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Model M1240B CPU T2 - 5

MAXIFLEX T2 CPU’s Models M1240B (T2), M1241B (T2c), M1242B(T2e) & M1243B (T2m) Telemetry and Remote I/O Processors Module General Layout Serial Port Connector Conet Port Connector Serial Port Dipswitch Conet Port DIP switch Programming Port Connector Specifications Communications Ports Programming Port (on all models) Baud Rates 62.5 kBaud on Standard Baud Rate 7800 Baud on Slow Baud Rate. Asynchronous RS232 serial port Maximum cable length Supports Conet/s which allows remote programming and full system data access through the programming port. Standard Baud Rate Network Protocol Support...

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Model M1240B CPU T2 - 6

MAXIFLEX T2 CPU’s Models M1240B (T2), M1241B (T2c), M1242B(T2e) & M1243B (T2m) Telemetry and Remote I/O Processors Up to 4000 Registers in each I/O Module. Real Time Clock Resolution Front Panel Indicators On = CPU Healthy Flashing or Off = CPU faulty Battery Life Greater than 1 year with power off. Greater than 5 years with power on. On = I/O OK Flashing = I/O does not match configuration. Off = I/O configuration not set. Battery Type 3.6V Lithium wafer Cell Model TL5186 On = Application Program Running Off = No application program or application program not running Flashing = 2 second...

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