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Model M1212E-01 CPU OMNIWATCH - 1

MAXIFLEX CPU’s Models M1211, M1212, and M1214 Programmable CPU’s DATASHEET FEATURES • Designed for Remote I/O Systems System sizes from 2 to 15 I/O modules per CPU Powerful programming language. Simple network configuration options. Optional integral CONET or radio modem Port Serial Port for third party communications Battery backed Real-time Clock The MAXIFLEX M121X CPU’s are designed specifically for remote I/O applications, offering powerful industrial network communications features with ease of use. All local data is accessible through 3250 Data Interchange Registers accessible from the user program and from the network. All system configuration data and dynamic data can be read and written through this convenient table interface. This CPU includes an optional CONET network interface. CONET is a rugged local area network designed to operate in harsh electrical environments, and on unspecified cabling. Distances up to 10km can be achieved making possible the retrieval of data from the corners of the factory in very large , geographically spread-out installations. Many other features such as a built-in realtime clock, battery backup for temporary dynamic data, and a RS232/485 serial port are standard in this product. Point-to-Point Telemetry systems with analog and digital data in both directions over a single pair of wires. Remote I/O for SCADA software packages using CONET to send data over distances up to 10km. I/O expansion into existing DCS installations through the CONET network and Modbus gateways. Third party network interfaces to the DCS over CONET to achieve a rugged plant intranet. Radio linked RTU out-stations with up to 240 I/O per out-station. High Density Analogue Data Acquisition systems such as boiler skin temperature monitoring with direct sensor connections. Distributed Alarm Systems with Time-stamping to 10 milliseconds at source. Dialup monitoring of remote installations for metering, asset management or security applications. Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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Model M1212E-01 CPU OMNIWATCH - 2

MAXIFLEX CPU’s Models M1211, M1212, and M1214 Programmable CPU’s SPECIFICATIONS Communications Ports (Battery used for real-time clock and User Data retention.) Programming Port (on all models) Type Protocols Supports the Conet programming protocol which allows remote programming and full system data access through the programming port. Standard Baud Rate RJ11 jack. Use with Model M1831 2 metre long programming cable for connection to PC serial port (9 pin). On = data is waiting to be sent out serial port. Off = no data waiting to be sent. On = Data is being received on serial port. Off =...

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