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Omniflex EziFORTH Programmer’s Workbench Model CC031A Omniflex EziForth Programmer’s Workbench. DATASHEET • EziFORTH software tools for programming EziFORTH applications • Remote Programming Support • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP compatible • Online monitoring and debugging • Bundled with the Omniset Pro Configuration Software to create a powerful integrated configuration, programming and debugging environment. The Omniflex EziForth Programmer’s Workbench is development software that runs under Microsoft Windows for developing control application programs using the EziFORTH programming language. These application programs can be run on a range of Omniflex products such as the ‘T’ range of Maxiflex CPU Process Automation Controllers, the range of Maxiflex Network Interface Modules, and the Teleterm M2 range of RTU’s. Consult your Omniflex distributor for a list of available products. For program development, the Workbench provides a powerful Windows based textual editor emulator with syntax checking and for enhanced ease of use. Programmer’s and intuitive and terminal colour coding, Bundled with the Omniflex EziFORTH Programmer’s Workbench is the powerful but easy to use Omniset Pro configuration utility allowing complete control of software programming and configuration extensions for your entire network without leaving the Workbench environment. The Workbench communicates with the target processor through a communications server installed with the workbench. This communications server provides the ability to download, monitor and debug programs remotely over any of the supported networks. The Omniflex EziFORTH Programmer’s Workbench offers the following features: • • • • • • • Project Management Colour Coded textual editing Modular Programming Terminal Emulation Syntax checking Remote Programming over the network Simultaneous Target Register Viewing and Editing using “Omniset”, the powerful companion configuration editing tool. Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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Omniflex EziFORTH Programmer’s Workbench Model CC031A Omniflex EziForth Programmer’s Workbench. THE PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENT Overview The EziFORTH Programmer’s Workbench is a complete programming environment used to develop complex control algorithms and communications protocols. The Workbench provides tools for editing, debugging, downloading, testing and monitoring, EziFORTH applications. The EziFORTH language is a powerful programming language suited for real-time applications. EziFORTH begins with a powerful set of standard commands, then provides the mechanism by which you can define...

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