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PT2000C & PT5000C PSU/Charger Model C2176 (1.5 Amp load) & C2177 (4 Amp load) Power Supply/ Battery Charger • A Complete solution for small battery-backed dc instrument power systems. • Supply 12Vdc or 24Vdc systems with continuous power during ac line interruptions without the need for inverters or mains UPS’s • Ideal for RTU’s, dataloggers, remote field instrumentation, alarm systems, remote access systems etc. FEATURES • • • • • • • DIN Rail mounting Available in 12Vdc or 24Vdc output versions. Operates from 115Vac or 230Vac supply 4 Amp continuous load – (10Amp peak) Under-voltage cutout to protect battery from deep discharge. Charging characterised for sealed lead-acid cells. Independently current limited battery charging for optimum battery life. OVERVIEW The PT5000C is a combined Power Supply and Battery Charger system with integrated standby battery management for small uninterruptable instrument supply applications. Just connect mains supply, standby battery and load for an industrial grade standby power supply system. This DIN rail mounted product is ideal for providing dc power to instrument systems where battery backup is necessary to ensure continuous system operation during power failure. Applications include RTU’s, dataloggers, remote field instruments, alarm systems and access controllers. Managing battery-backed systems for optimum backup time and battery life can be tricky and expensive. This product incorporates many features that make installing such systems simple and foolproof. Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice Over-current protection to protect wiring against faults. Charger shutdown input for battery testing. AC detect output for mains monitoring. Optional temperature sensor for optimum battery float voltage control in wide ambient operating environments. Independent battery and load terminals for ease of installation. PROTECTION Batteries are capable of delivering enormous currents under system fault conditions that can damage wiring and equipment. The PT5000C incorporates an autoresettable load cutout, which disconnects the load under over-current fault condition. During prolonged power outages, the back-up battery will eventually discharge. If the load remains connected, the battery enters its “deep” discharge phase, which can cause irreparable damage to the battery, and reduce its capacity and life. The PT5000C incorporates an undervoltage cutout that disconnects the load when the battery voltage begins to fall. Batteries can be kept on continuous charge as long as the charging current and float voltage are kept below their specified maximum values. The maximum charging current is based upon the Ampere-hour capacity of the battery. This is can be less than the rated load current depending upon the capacity of the battery chosen. The Solutions by Design

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PT2000C & PT5000C PSU/Charger Model C2176 (1.5 Amp load) & C2177 (4 Amp load) Power Supply/ Battery Charger PT5000C incorporates an independent charge current control circuit to prevent overcharge of the battery, even on no load. This has the added benefit of allowing the PT5000C to deliver maximum rated load even when the battery is discharged and under full charge. The maximum float voltage necessary to ensure full charge, but not overcharge, is temperature dependent. If the battery is installed in an environment with widely fluctuating temperature, then use of the external temperature...

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PT2000C & PT5000C PSU/Charger Model C2176 (1.5 Amp load) & C2177 (4 Amp load) Power Supply/ Battery Charger Optional Temperature Sensor Input AC input voltage range Sensor Type Accuracy Float voltage change from 20°C AC input frequency Input current at full load Switch-on inrush current Fast Transients Load Ouput Model: Voltage Output Voltage Max continuous rated load Max Full Load Operating Ambient Temperature Temperature derating up to 65°C maximum Overload protection Float Voltage (at 20°C) Max. Charging Current PT2000C PT5000C Constant voltage/Constant Current 13.5V – 13.8V on 12V...

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PT2000C & PT5000C PSU/Charger Model C2176 (1.5 Amp load) & C2177 (4 Amp load) Power Supply/ Battery Charger APPLICATION NOTES BATTERY SELECTION The PT2000C and PT5000C are designed to operate with sealed lead acid type batteries also known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. This type of battery is sealed except for a valve that opens when the internal gas pressure exceeds the design limits. (That is why it is important not to overcharge VRLA batteries). Generally, these batteries can be used in confined areas and can be mounted in any orientation. (see the specific...

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