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OMNI-8C Model C1493/4/5 8 Point Serial Displays. Drive Window displays from your serial port. Easy to configure Modbus protocol 24Vdc Powered Small , compact, panel mounted and easy to use Built in Alarm Flashing sequences to reduce PLC programming overhead. Choice of Lamp/Sidebar LED/Backlit LED Display User printed legends on inkjet/laser Four Optional Group Alarm output contacts • Fully “DIP” Switch Configurable • Optional Control Pushbuttons for operator feedback user with the best combination of power consumption, The Omni-16c Serial Display Product Range provides an reliability, maintenance and cost for the application. easy-to-use alternative to providing Alarm Window facilities from your PLC, DCS or SCADA system. 27 integrated alarm flashing sequences included in the display remove the need for programming of alarm Each of these products has a fully isolated sequences in the PLC/DCS reducing engineering RS232/RS485 serial interface that provides full control of charges and program space, while increasing reliability. up to 16 alarm and status windows. Up to 32 of these displays may be multi-dropped on a single RS485 Optional integral Test, Silence, Acknowledge, Reset twisted pair, providing up to 512 Window Status and Pushbuttons allow Operator alarm acknowledgment Alarm display points from a single serial port acting as a without any additional programming. Modbus Master. Each Display serial port acts as a Four optional output relays can be configured as group Modbus slave, and can be set to either ASCII or RTU alarm, horn output and watchdog outputs. mode at baud rates from 300 to 9600 baud. Display options include incandescent lamps, backlit LED and Sidebar LED indicator windows to provide the SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply Modbus Register Layout Overview (all windows illuminated) 0.5 Amp max 0.5 Amp max 1 Amps max Alarm Inputs - Potential Free Contact Quantity and Type No Physical contact Inputs. 8 Inputs written to the display unit via the serial port using Modbus Protocol Serial Port Type Single DB9 connector available on the rear of the unit supporting both RS232 and RS485 specifications. Serial Port galvanically isolated from display logic and power supply. (Tested to 1500Vac for 60 seconds) Modbus slave protocol.(RTU or ASCII) Baud Rate Address Range Dynamic Data 16 Inputs as bits 16 Alarm Statuses as bits 5 Pushbutton Control Bits (plus read only 1st out and Flash sync bits) Common Service Relays etc. Status Bits Lamp Status bytes – one per window. Alive Counter Software Version Number Static/Configuration Data Product Type (14801 for this product) 16 Display Sequence Settings 16 Timer Settings Relay Function set Four Relay Output Alarm membership Four Group Alarm Types First-out Group split Reserved Miscellaneous Setup options Integral Pushbuttons(Optional) Quantity Four buttons mounted on front facia Silence; Acknowledge; Reset; Circuit Test Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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OMNI-8C Model C1493/4/5 8 Point Serial Displays. Alarm Window Display Immunity – Fast Transients IEC 61000-4-4:1995 2 kV – DC power port 1 kV – I/O lines Incand. Lamp Supply Variations Window Size Legend Area Legend Type User printed on film with laser/inkjet using software provided. Engraved plastic window User printed on film with laser/inkjet using software provided. Relay Contact Outputs (optional) Contact Type 2 Potential free changeover (Form C) 2 Potential free normally Open (Form A) Contact Rating 1000Vac from contact to other circuits Temperature Range Operating Temperature Storage...

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OMNI-8C Model C1493/4/5 8 Point Serial Displays. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION EXPAND PUSHBUTTONS WITH RIBBON HEADER BOARD LAMP REPEATS PROG PORT SERIAL PORT INPUT REPEATS MECHANICAL CONFIGURATION Allowed Panel Thickness 1.6mm(0.0625") to 9mm(0.334") Cut-out Dimensions 136mm(5.35") wide x 112mm(4.41") hig INCANDESCENT LAMP OR BACKLIT LED VERSION Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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OMNI-8C Model C1493/4/5 8 Point Serial Displays. LIVE or + NEUTRAL or EARTH INPUT CARDS NOT FITTED OPTIONAL: Order Code: C1421 or C1422 TS D fitted on C149x-1 versions ONLY Closed in normal operation Closes to sound audible Settable Group Alarm output Settable Group Alarm output 0V Close to inhibit inputs Interconnect for Flash Sync Interconnect to expand First Out Group OPTIONAL: Order Code C1425 16 REPEAT RELAY OUTPUTS (OPTIONAL) Optional Power Supply Input ELECTRICAL CONNECTION DIAGRAM Repeat Relay Contact closes when Input is in Alarm State NOTE: Facilities provided on Terminal Strips...

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