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Omni-8µ Model C1477 8 Point Micro Annunciator 48x96mm DIN Housing. DATASHEET Features • • • • • • • • • • The smallest Annunciator yet – 48x96mm 8 Potential Free Contact Inputs Normally Open/Closed Sense Selectable 22 Standard Sequences Backlit LED Technology User printed legends user inkjet/laser Four function Group Alarm output contact 12Vdc, 20-60Vdc, 85-264Vac/dc powered Motor Alarm Sequence options Fully “Dip” Switch Configurable The Omni-8 micro is the smallest annunciator yet from Omniflex, designed for use in space restricted areas and low input counts. Omni-8 micro is a fully self-contained panel mounted annunciator with integral Test, Silence, Acknowledge, Reset Pushbuttons and audible device. The 8 inputs accept potential free inputs and are individually switch configurable for normally open or normally closed input operation. Inputs are wired to plugin terminals at the rear of the annunciator. The alarm sequence for the eight inputs is also configured by DIP Alarm Sequence and Input Sense Selection switch with a choice of 22 standard sequences. A group alarm or horn output is available on a change over contact at the terminals. The relay contact can be set to one of four functions: Follows input, Follows alarm, Multiple reflash or Horn. Input 8 may be designated as an Inhibit input which enable the inputs on the annunciator to be disabled during maintenance and startup periods etc. The 8th window then acts as an inhibit indicator. Electrical Connections - Sequence Options Sequence Description LAMP FOLLOWS INPUT MOMENTARY (FLEETING) ALARM, MANUAL RESET ALARM ONLY (NON-LATCHING INPUTS) AUTO RESET MOMENTARY ALARM, MANUAL RESET WITH ALARM RINGBACK FIRST OUT, MULTIPLE GROUPS, MANUAL RESET FIRST OUT, MANUAL RESET, AUTO RESET ON SUBSEQUENT ALARMS FIRST OUT, SINGLE GROUP, MANUAL RESET, FIRST OUT CONTINUOUS FLASH FIRST OUT, MANUAL RESET, SUBSEQUENT ALARMS WITHOUT HORN MOMENTARY ALARM, MANUAL RESET, AUTO SILENCE AFTER TIME DELAY. MOMENTARY ALARM, MANUAL RESET, REALARM AFTER TIME IF STILL ABNORMAL. MOMENTARY ALARM, MANUAL RESET, CONSTANT FLASH (FOR MOTOR ALARMS). MOMENTARY ALARM, AUTO RESET, TIME DELAY ON RETURN TO NORMAL. PULSE MONITORING ALARM; MANUAL RESET MOMENTARY ALARM, AUTO RESET FIRST OUT, MULTIPLE GROUPS, AUTO RESET FIRST OUT, SINGLE GROUP, AUTO RESET, FIRST OUT CONTINUOUS FLASH FIRST OUT, AUTO RESET, SUBSEQUENT ALARMS WITHOUT HORN MOMENTARY ALARM, AUTO RESET, AUTO SILENCE AFTER TIME DELAY. MOMENTARY ALARM, AUTO RESET, REALARM AFTER TIME IF STILL ABNORMAL. MOMENTARY ALARM, AUTO RESET, CONSTANT FLASH (FOR MOTOR ALARMS) PULSE MONITORING ALARM, AUTO RESET INPUTS 1-4 SEQUENCE 1; INPUTS 5-8 SEQUENCE 27 (FOR MOTOR ALARMS) < RESERVED > Horn/Group Alarm Relay Copyright Omniflex ♦ Subject to change without notice

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Model C1477-2 Omni8u 20-60Vdc - 2

Mechanical Details – Mounting and Cut-Out Fascia Din 48x96mm SLIDES CLAMP Omni8u AGAINST PANEL PANEL CUTOUT MAXIMUM PANEL THICKNESS: 8mm SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply Relay Contact Output Contact Type Potential free changeover (Form C) Contact Rating 1000Vac from contact to other circuits Temperature Range Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Wire size Alarm Inputs 8 Potential Free Contacts Contact Sense User Selectable Normally Open or Closed 15Vdc between Vexcite and all inputs Max. Loop Resistance to detect closed contact Immunity – Fast Transients IEC 61000-4-4:1995 2 kV – DC power...

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