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Precision vise for 5 axis machine tools “GENIUS” & SinterGrip

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Precision vise for 5 axis machine tools 5 ARE ITS MAIN FEATURES The clamping force (up to 40 kN) is generated right where it is needed: at the part. Thanks to its own expanding screw, GENIUS can clamp workpieces up to 200 mm with just one set-up. Unlike traditional vises, GENIUS clamps the workpieces by means of traction clamping. GENIUS is the first vise designed for 5 axis-machine tools that can be used for high precision milling operations. The movement of the jaws is not on a base, but on hardened and ground shafts. This allows for quicker and more accurate positioning of both the same...

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“GENIUS” & SinterGrip Precision vise for 5 axis machine tools SinterGrip: the New Choice Our new patented product SinterGrip is born to satisfy the current need to clamp a workpiece for very few millimeters (with SinterGrip 3,5 mm clamping surface), and this for the following reasons: 1) In order to machine the workpiece completely in a single operation (especially for 5 axis machines); 2) In order to save money for the raw materials, especially when they have a big impact on the price (aluminum, titanium, etc.) Indirectly to these reasons, and in order to improve the performance of the...

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Precision vise for 5 axis machine tools “GENIUS” & SinterGrip GENIUS vise with wrench, pair of positioning keys and Sintergrip inserts STD for steel* * On request Sintergrip inserts HRC or inserts for ALU (see pag. S.17) Special opening “A” upon request Special applications upon request

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58 50 50 00 work stop 58 50 41 19pair of smooth/grooved jaws pair of clamps, complete with screw and T-nuts code

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working example with “grippers” working example with SinterGrip

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Spare parts 58 45 15 19 pair of jaws for Sintergrip (Sintergrip inserts: pag. S.17) 58 50 42 19 (old) pair of jaws with grippers 71 29 02 18 telescopic stainless steel carter

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Spare parts Plate for vise genius

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