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OLIP VIBRA 3 Simple and Smart Vibration meter. Vibration analysis at the Analyze and Interpret readings; incredible performance at an unbelievably Overall machine and bearing conditions: vibration values are displayed with color coded alarm levels for ISO values Easily identify bearing problems with BDU Reading The VIBRA3 is a simple to use vibration monitoring and analysis tool that allows easy display of vibration signals. The meter automatically performs vibration analysis functions based on machine running speed to help diagnose faults such as unbalance, misalignment and looseness. Full Color OLED Display Easily identify problems with built in band filters: Built-in accelerometer with stinger. Optional long stinger and magnetic mount available Load & Save OLIP VIBRA 3 VIBRATION METER The OLIP VIBRA 3 represents the very latest in easy to use high specification maintenance tools, offering extremely high levels of functionality and capability at a very affordable price! OLIP SYSTEMS Bearing tester / built in ISO Fault detection systems.

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VIBRA 3 Technical Specifications Power Supply Battery life Frequency ranges: Frequency resolution: Displayed amplitude Displayed frequency Input range: Dynamic range: Standard Accessories Smart Fault Detection Optional Accessories Approximately 50 hours of normal use Acceleration in g / velocity in inches per second or mm per second Internal sensor Pouch with protective cap for pointed stinger Bearing Damage Level, Unbalance, Misalignment, Mechanical Magnet, 10 Inch Stinger Copyright © OLIP SYSTEMS CO., INC.

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