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XRN Series - BlackPlus

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Process hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Pompe dosatrici di processo a membrana idraulica

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XRN Process hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps XRN pumps benefit from thirty-years design experience gained in developing process hydraulic diaphragm pumps. Le pompe serie XRN sono realizzate sulla base della trentennale esperienza acquisita con lo sviluppo delle pompe a membrana idraulica di processo. Innovation lies in the combination of a hydraulic diaphragm process pump head with a reliable, economical, few-components design mechanism. L’innovazione consiste nell’aver abbinato un sistema idraulico di processo con un meccanismo affidabile, economico e con un numero ridotto di componenti....

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Pompe dosatrice di processo a membrana idraulica Advantages: • Maintenance is reduced to a minimum. • The sealess oil-bathed plunger maintains as-new volumetric efficiency even after 40,000 working hours. • The diaphragm protected by the built-in relief valve and mechanically actuated oil-replenishing system, has a working life in excess of 40,000 hours. XRN pump with PVC pump head, threaded connections, Siemens motor and painted casing. Pompa XRN con testata in PVC, attacchi filettati, motore Siemens e corpo meccanismo verniciato. Pompa dosatice di processo compatta • The diaphragm is held...

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Process hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps XRN Basic models The totally enclosed monobloc construction without external moving parts, the smart diaphragm and built-in relief valve ensure fully compliance with 98/37/CE normative (Machinery Directive) and with 94/9/CE (ATEX). Il sistema monoblocco completamente chiuso senza elementi esterni in movimento, la membrana intelligente e la valvola di sicurezza interna rendono la pompa intrinsecamente conforme alla normativa 98/37/CE (Direttiva Macchine) e 94/9/CE (ATEX). • XRN pump with AISI 316L pump head and threaded connections, PVS setting up...

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Pompe dosatrice di processo a membrana idraulica Constructions characteristics • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: In spite of reduced dimension hydraulic system is designed exactly like as the API 675 process pumps. It is the so-called .“smart diaphragm” .or mechanically actuated replenishing. The restored oil quantity is set by diaphragm position only, with self-controlled maximum deformation. .In the event of critical NPSHa or closed suction piping, “smart diaphragm” avoids .oil overfeeding that would result in overexpansion and rupture. Modelli base • Contour plate free technology. • CONNECTIONS:...

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Caratteristiche tecniche MAX FLOW RATE l/h PORTATA Max l/h VALVE SEAT/SEDE VALVOLA TEFLON (PTFE) TEFLON (PTFE) TYPE TIPO XRN Technical data MAX PRESSURE (BAR) kW PRESS. MAX bar CONNECTIONS/ATTACCHI THREADED FILETTATI BSPF/G.F. XR series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump with AISI 316L pump head. Pompa dosatrice XR a membrana idraulica con testata in AISI 316L. Max press./Press. max: • Up to /Fino a 35 barg. Flow rates/Portate: • Threephase/ Trifase 63/B14 230/400 V - 3 - 50 Hz 440/480 V - 3 - 60 Hz CEMP - ATEX II 2G EEx-d IIB (or IIC) T4 63/B14 - 0,18 kW IP55 - F/B - 4 Poles/Poli -...

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XRN Adjustment systems Manual adjustment Knob with micrometer scale. Manopola e nonio lineare. 0÷100% manual adjustment via: • Knob with micrometer scale (as standard). • Dial handwheel (on demand). Flow rate adjustment is smooth and linear, and can be made whether the pump is running or stationary. The non-gravity dial adjuster has a 0÷100% scale and will not lose the datum if turned over during transport. Regolazione manuale Dial handwheel. Indicatore tipo orologio. La regolazione della portata è in percentuale da 0% a 100% della portata max. di targa: • Con manopola e nonio lineare...

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End user / contractor / Customer Plant type Fisia Italimpianti S.p.A FIAT Avio per l’Energia S.p.A. FIAT ABB SAE Toshiba, Banjar Masin Steam power plant Delipapier (Degremont Italy S.p.A) ENEL/ Termomeccanica Korea Chemistry Institute BP Exploration (Shah Deniz Ltd) Shell BP Exploration (Shah Deniz Ltd) AMEC /Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. IPLOM /GE Betz Italy West Delta Electricity produc. Company (Nubaria Power station) MOL Hungarian Oil&Gas PLC (Olefin-2 project) Public Electricity Corporation South Oil Co of Iraq DOOSAN Heavy Industries and Construction Co., Ltd (Sohar...

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