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X9 Series - API675

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Process diaphragm metering pumps X9 series OBL metering pumps, with as STD an innovati- ve double diaphragm construction, are specifically desi- gned for continuous demanding industrial applications. Extreme reliability and durability are guaranteed by the positive return mechanism (full motion) and by the mechanically actuated replenishing valve (smart diaph- ragm) and built-in relief valve. These pumps are supplied as STD with local visual diaphragm burst detector via pressure gauge. On demand, pressure switch and pressure transmitter for both safe and hazardous areas can be supplied....

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CHEMICAL AND PETRO- CHEMICAL POWER STATION (boiler water & cooling water) FOOD INDUSTRY PLASTIC INDUSTRY REVERSE OSMOSIS LNX9T (PTFE wetted parts with PTFE coated frontal AISI 316L shield) for organic acid solution, being used at Sankyo Chemical • Modular horizontal pumps combination with different sizes and strokes per minute (each pump has its own independent internal reduction gear), for pulse-less or different injection points. • X9 STD pump head material include SS316L, PVC, PVDF and PTFE. Special construction with exotic materials on demand. • X9 series conform to API 675 standard,...

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Nodular cast iron These pumps have same wetted material and design as LYHX9 pumps are supplied with nodular cast iron casing allowing both design temperatures below -30 °C as well as installation of motor sizes up to size 90 - 1,5 kW. LYHX9 casing also allows better pump installation, giving clearance and access area on the hydraulic side. It is also available a LYHX9AA version with both casing and hydraulic chamber made in nodular cast iron, fully meeting more stringent material specifications than API These pumps are realised with double metallic diaph- ragm only (AISI 316L) allowing...

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Technical data TYPE FLOW RATE l/h * Typical performances based on both 50 and 60 Hz. LN X9A series process diaphragm metering pump with AISI 316L pump head. Flow rates: Casing material: Cast iron

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Flow rates: Casing material: Cast iron

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used at topsides process off-shore Australia Technical data FLOW RATE l/h MAX PRESS. HIGH PRESSURE Typical performances based on both 50 and 60 Hz. Pump heads Pump heads, designed for 24/7 high pressure severe duties, have the following characteristics: • Pump heads are locked onto hydraulic chambers by tie Valve assemblies are locked onto pump heads by ring nuts. Solid, floating, sealess, ceramic, oil bathed plunger. • Either ceramic or AISI 316L lapped valve seats. Metallic diaphragms for high accuracy below 7 l/h. • RTJ#1500-2500 flanged connections (on demand). BUILT- IN RELIEF VALVE...

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Adjustment systems lectric actuators Z type X9 series, as all OBL pumps, can be equipped with Z type electrical actuator, with following characteristics: • Manual emergency override • Anticondensation heater (on demand) • Non standard voltages and frequencies • External automatic/manual selector Flow rate is adjusted according to following input signals: ctric actuators Manual emergency override Anticondensation heater (on demand) umatic actuator W type Pneumatic actuator type WA. Emergency manual override Manual actuator • Knob with micrometer scale. * Gravitational dial handwheel.

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Tecna Pemex Moscow Refinery Staoil Hydro/Akersolutionsas Bechtel Power Division (TVA) Oil&Gas (Kollsnes kop plant) Qatalum (JV Qatar Petroleum&Norsk Hydro As) Cooling tower PDO/Mott Mac Donald&Co LLC Petrochemical Bahia Las Minas/Sadelmi Power station Statoil Hydro_Oil&Gas South Africa 2008 Qatar EL.&Water Fisia Italimpianti 2008 Dalian Chem Corp 2008 Tamoil SA, Collombei refinery 2008 Formosa Plastic Corporation Power station Pulp&Paper production Biodiesel production plant 2007 SARAS SpA /Foster-Wheeler Italy 2007 TECNA SA/Total Carina Aires 2007 MINERA ESCONDIDA - BHP Billiton 2007...

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Quality System ISO 9001 Certified An IDEX Water & Wastewater Busmejs.

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